Mental Slavery…not knowing history

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African Americans do not know their history.

The rebellions, suicides, murder of their
captors, are unknown.

The vast majority of African American did
not know Amistaad until the movie.

This chunk of history, which proved Africans
were not helpless captives, is not the singular
rebellion of Africans in the New World.

It may be the first the white world decides to
expose this bit of history.

Americans can quote the ‘Dred Scott’ decision
made by their Supreme Court;
how many know the Amistaad ruling?

40 U.S. 518 heard during the JANUARY, 1841 Term
found at:

Where the arguments of John Quincy Adams;


fully explored slavery and the conditions thereof and
that a person has a Right to Use Deadly force to
Prevent himself from being enslaved.

Suppression of history, perpetuated by whites, but
maintained by blacks, is the core reason for the
mental slavery today.

What must be done is not the ‘Jim Crow’ Black
studies that festoon various curriculums, but a
concerted excavation of exactly what the nature
of the World from year 1000 until present.

History, not European/American History named
‘World History’ but history from all nations of
the Earth need be included in the curriculum
so that Americans and Europeans will gain the
necessary perspective to live in a ‘Global Village’.

When one studies history, in this case, African
History, pieces ‘fit’.

The Rwandan genocide, the situation in Darfur,
the reaction of South Africans to ‘strangers’, all
have their roots in the past, just as the conflict
in Bosnia goes back hundreds of years.

When one knows their history events don’t
surprise or lead to incorrect assumptions.

One of the problems with ‘Black Studies’ is that
the only ones who are in class are Black. Hence
the white world can continue in it’s belief that
Africans were primitive and the white man went
and captured and enslaved them, and that they
had no culture before that moment.

Further, segregating African History from
Mainstream, perpetuates ignorance.

Where history is taught with a chauvinistic
bias, one is miseducated. One believes the
propaganda the State supplies, and is led
into devastating mistakes.

Americans, because their country happens
to dominate at this point in time, are quite
insular. They not only have no idea of the
history of other nations nor realise it exists,
it is that they have been inculcated to deny
the triumphs of others.

As so much history has been omitted, Americans
are cast as special beings with greater compassion,
intelligence, bravery, inventiveness, etc.

This developes chauvinistic mentality of the
‘Ugly American’, giving a diverse people a
sense of their own importance to the continued
rotation of the Earth.

It is not productive for those groups which are
left out of the text books; i.e. indigenous people,
refugees from oppression, and of course Africans,
who find themselves ‘erased’ save for scattered
mentions, as if America could have become so
powerful without them.

This designation of ‘footnote’ might be why
descendents of Latin Americans have their
own television station giving their version of
daily events, contra the Black Television Station
which runs one music video after another; insuring
the image of Black man as pimp Black woman as
whore is perpetuated.

Where there should be news, with a reference to
Africa (as the BBC does with it’s special African
news program), with a reference to the Black
community in America, (more often heard in a
Church or a Street corner), and where programs
of historical importance, (as done by the
History Channel) should be presented, there is
nothing but noise.

This is because African Americans do not know
their history, most do not even know they have a

This is no longer the fault of the White community.
We can not blame others for our failings.

We can only look into ourselves and ask why
‘they’, (whomever ‘they’ are) see themselves
as having opinions worth stating, and we see
ourselves as minstrels.


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