Love In Disguise

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You hide behind a mask

That I can’t seem to unlock

And every time I think I’ve broken through

You hide yourself deeper underneath the rocks

You’re the man of my dreams

And as you stare endlessly from afar

I can’t help but wonder

Sometimes truly who you really are

Some days you see right through me

As I take the barrier down

And other times you’re so clueless

As again I turn the world upside-down

I want to do the same

Because you mean that much to me

But you keep your barriers in check

And hide yourself from all the world to see

I know this really isn’t you

But you keep your emotions so tight

It’s hard to see you so different

Except when I see the real you at night

You stare at me from across afar

But I bet you didn’t know I do the same

And when you sit there all alone

I want to come over and end the game

I’m willing to take the risk and get hurt

Because in my heart it’s the right step to do

And I’m willing to wait as long as it takes

Just simply because I love you


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