How to be heard as a customer at your Home Depot Store

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     If you have ever shopped at your Home Depot and had a great experiance and had an employee go out of their way to help you here is an idea for you.  Get the name of the person and write it on the back of your reciept.  Now when you get home follow the directions on the bottom of the reciect and fill out a review of the store.  At the end of the questions you will have the chance to write a bit.  Here is where you use the persons name and give them the atta boy/girl they deserve. 

     If you tell a manager,  you are wasting your breath.  They all have their favorites and will not recognize a deserving employee if they are not on the pet list.  The survey you just filled out goes to each store, to each manager, to each district manager, all the way to HQ in Atlanta.  Your praise will not be ignored.

   Of course if you have a bad shopping trip the same hplds true.  A manager will not reproach a crappy employee if they are on the pet list.  More than that, if there is a product you want in your store or they were out of it this report will be seen by those who matter.

   If the manager of your store is the problem this is the only way to get results.

   Try it.  You may even win some cash.  Your e-mail will not get added to a bunch of spam lists, and it only takes 2-5 minutes.  If you are a contracting pro it will take a bit longer as you will have more questions to answer.

   In all, I have seen this produce some good results when I was an employee and as a customer.  If you want to be heard, try it.


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