Bayonetta boss battle walkthrough- Baldur The Lumen Sage

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If you need help with any other boss in Bayonetta, or you just want some general advice, you can read a complete walkthrough here.

Like many of the first forms of a final boss, Baldur is pretty easy. Fighting him is a lot like fighting Jeanne, but Baldur doesn’t move nearly as fast as she does. Basically, treat him as though you where fighting Jeanne, and Bayonetta should come out with minimal damage.

  1. Baldur’s main attacks are with a giant energy sword. These are easy enough to evade, but you can’t get Witch time off this attack.
  2. Baldur is best attacked using Bayonetta’s best melee combos, and he’s vulnerable just after using his sword (He only executes one move at a time), so lay into him then. Be prepared to evade quickly though, as unlike any other boss, When Bayonetta attacks, Baldur will not be stunned and will attack you again in short order.
  3. Baldur is not immune to the handguns, especially when he’s moved away from the platform.
  4. Baldur’s other attacks include summoning fountains of magma out of the platform. These are telegraphed by a glow just under Bayonetta’s feet. Just dodge these with evade and have Bayonetta keep working on Baldur with her handguns. Baldur will also summon a ring of fireballs around Bayonetta. Simply use the evade button to dodge, don’t bother attacking him at this time or you will probably get hit. Baldur sometimes launches a blue orb at Bayonetta. If this hits, it will hold you trapped until you complete a quick time event, or Bayonetta is hit by one of Baldur’s attacks. Evade it, and keep moving as it can track you! Finally, Baldur can summon fireballs to rain down on Bayonetta. Just keep moving and evade if they are going to hit you. The area the attack will land on is marked. You can’t get Witch time off any of these attacks.
  5. Baldur will start to use a three hit sword combo after his health has been worn down a little. You don’t really need to change your behaviour, but be prepared to evade more suddenly than you normally would once Baldur starts to use this attack. If you cut it VERY fine, you can sometimes get Witch time off the last attack in this combo (The spin) but it’s very hard. Ifyou manage it though, Bayonetta can rack up a lot of damage on Baldur. Like any boss in Bayonetta, Baldur is going to change his attack pattern several times over the course of the fight!
  6. After taking about half damage, Baldur will attack Bayonetta with a laser satellite. Witch time will activate, and all you need to do is move to the furthest edge of the platform and you can jump to a new platform and carry on the Boss Battle. Baldur will do this on a few occasions, and the attack is telegraphed by him looking up at the screen and clicking his fingers. When Baldur does this, get Bayonetta ready to jump.
  7. Wear down Baldur’s health, have Bayonetta execute the climax kill and… See Baldur kill one of your pets. His health bar will be regenerated, and you need to start all over again. Just keep using the same tactics.
  8. Baldur will eventually throw a skyscraper at Bayonetta. What is it with the boss battles in this game and flying buildings? Anyway, complete the quick time event and throw it right back at Baldur for great justice (but no zigs).
  9. Just keep repeating the appropriate steps, and you’ll wear down Baldur’s health and get a second demon attack against him- which also fails. Keep trying though, as Bayonetta still has plenty more cronies left up her sleeve!
  10. Baldur will now get far more aggressive, hitting Bayonetta with many sword combos and moving at great speed. You might want to revert to the alternative tactic, shown below if you have not already. Failing that, you will need to just keep fighting Baldur with greater skill and speed. At some point he will also throw the satellite at Bayonetta. Just use the quick time events to keep throwing it back at him and eventually it will hit home, taking a big chunk of life out of this Boss.
  11. After the third climax, you will have to guide a ‘bullet’ (Bayonetta’s lipstick) into Baldur’s head. Just avoid the glass, it’s all pretty easy.

Thought that was easy? Get ready for the real fight.

Alternative tactic:

If you’re not too worried about time, this tactic can make fighting Baldur a less tricky affair, but after the second climax kill, even with this method Baldur will still be tricky for Bayonetta to beat.

All you need to do is keep your finger on the handgun button. Keep walking away from Baldur and evading whenever he attacks Bayonetta.  You will (very) slowly wear down Baldur’s health, eventually triggering the events that can be used to do some real damage to the boss. If you manage to get Witch time, have Bayonetta do a quick hit and run melee attack on Baldur to do extra damage. This tactic isn’t really ‘Bayonetta’, but it does work. You’ll still need skill to evade all of Baldur’s attacks, especially later in the boss battle. You can still get a gold medal using this tactic.

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