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Where does the inspiration for my writing come? Quite a few of my articles popped into my head while I was in the shower or the tub. The trick is to get these ideas into the computer quickly before they fall back out of my brain. These are the articles that seem to write themselves and I am just here to get the words typed as fast as they come. These are usually my funniest articles, and they tend to get the most traffic.

When I get these ideas in my brain, but I can’t use a computer, I write them down on bits of paper. I try to gather these bits of paper (or napkins, if that was all I had at the moment) and store them in a basket beside the computer. Then every now and then I dig through the bits of paper in the basket in hopes that something I have scribbled will make sense and turn into an article.

Writing by hand is a skill that I took for granted for the first twenty or thirty years of my life (except for the first five or six years of course – I wasn’t born with the obsession to write, but it came very early). Now with Parkinson’s, my handwriting is usually illegible and takes a great deal of effort. It has been an amazing answer to prayer that my ability to type has returned. PD has also granted me more time for writing than I have ever had in my life. I used to also be obsessed with reading, but a side effect of one of my medications is that I usually can’t concentrate enough to read books. It is very weird, though that I can read from a computer screen without this problem.

One of the techniques that professional writers and screen play authors often use that has rarely worked for me is to take one of my articles that did very well and try to create something similar, or a sequel. My best Triond submission ever was a very short story illustrated with photos I took of my cat and my neighbour’s dogs – The difference between Dogs and Cats. http://gomestic.com/pets/the-difference-between-dogs-and-cats/


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