Bayonetta Boss Walkthrough- Jeanne, The Umbra Witch

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If you need help with any other boss in Bayonetta, or you just want some general advice, you can read a complete walkthrough here.

Jeanne is possibly one of the hardest bosses In Bayonetta. Unlike the Cardinal Virtues that have set attack patterns and weak spots that you can predict / attack, Jeanne is like a normal enemy, but a dozen times more powerful. You will need to muster every skill Bayonetta has in order to beat Jeanne.

It’s hard to write a walkthrough for Jeanne as she behaves so erratically, but I can help you out by offering some sagely tips and advice:

  1. You need to good at Evading. Not just to make sure Bayonetta avoids damage to get a high score, this is a matter of survival! Always have your finger on the Evade button.
  2. There are very few openings where it is safe to attack Jeanne, unlike with any other boss. This means you will need to make one! Simply hit Jeanne with your best combos, but the moment she begins to counter attack, evade!
  3. Nowhere is safe from Jeanne, at Long range she will attack Bayonetta with guns, at short range she will use devastating melee attacks, and at mid range she will use wicked weave strikes. I’d avoid long range if I were you, but the closer you get to Jeanne, the quicker your reflexes need to be, and the sharper your instincts. On the other hand, the closer you are the easier it is to score more damage on this boss.
  4. Bayonetta can get witch time off Jeanne’s wicked weave attacks, and some of her sword play (Specifically the attack she has to charge up for a moment)- but for the most part you’re going to need to fight in real time, so you’ll need to put Bayonetta in harm’s way.
  5. One tactic I have found to be quite useful is to keep Bayonetta at medium range, then wait for Jeanne to either charge with her sword (The third strike is usually the charged one), or to use a wicked weave attack, bounce Witch time off the attack, then run in and strike. This still takes practise though.
  6. Handguns are almost useless. Don’t bother as they’ll only slow you down.
  7. If Jeanne is using witch walk, jumping up to her and executing some air attacks rather than joining her on the same wall will usually catch her off guard, scoring you some free damage.
  8. When Jeanne is using her long range shooting attack (Firing pink energy, sweeping across the screen) if you can get close, she will be vulnerable. Panther form can help here.
  9. Jeanne can also be vulnerable just after executing her downward kick attack. If you can have Bayonetta dodge that, you can attack the Boss more easily for a few moments.
  10. Like almost every other Boss in Bayonetta, Jeanne telegraphs some of her attacks. When she is going to use Wicked weave against Bayonetta, she clicks her fingers.

As you can see, there are very few solid openings, but points 4, 7, 8 and 9 are your best bets if you want to be tactical. Beyond that, the best thing to do is get in there, attack and learn to evade! Whatever you choose to do, Jeanne is a tough boss, and you’ll need every ounce of luck and skill.

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