Travelling with Contiki Holiday Tours

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Contiki holidays are aimed at 18-35 year olds who want to travel in an organized group to their desired destination.

Contiki travel is perfect for individuals who don’t want to travel alone. The pre-packaged tours take the stress out of planning a vacation, as transport and accommodations are included, but still allow for flexibility in the activities you want to participate in at each destination.

Contiki Tour Styles

Contiki offers camping, concept and timeout tours.

Camping tours are in 2-person tents in selected campgrounds; concept accommodation is a mix of cabins, hostels and hotels; and timeout tours are in hotels only.

Each tour type is priced differently, depending on the nature of the accommodations and each tour group has a maximum number of 50 people. With this many people, you are sure to make some great friends and meet people who want to share similar experiences on their trip.

What is Included in a Contiki Tour?

Accommodation is included for every night of your chosen tour type. If travelling solo, you will be sharing with another travelling companion of the same sex.

Camping and concept tour meals are cooked by your mobile chef or site representative, and timeout tours meals are usually provided at the hotel you are staying at or a special restaurant in the city nearby. Not all meals are included in the price of your tour to allow some flexibility in your day. All breakfasts are included and some dinners, allowing you to choose to have lunch wherever you happen to be exploring!

Transport is by air-conditioned coach with your very own Contiki driver and tour leader to answer your questions and point out important landmarks on your way.

Contiki tours can range from a few days to a few weeks in length. Tour highlights are included in the price of your tour, with optional extras available at most destinations, such as a Gondola ride in Venice or a Cabaret show in Paris. The optional extras have not been included in the tour price to give people flexibility to try other experiences if they desire and to keep costs down for those who can’t afford to do everything. You should budget to include some optional extras in your trip to make the most of your vacation.

Where Does Contiki Travel?

Contiki travels to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America and Asia. Contiki trips are very fast paced with usually only one or two days in each destination city, and long days to see as much as possible of the different cultures.

Contiki holidays are particularly good for getting a basic taste of a country, which allows you to decide if you would go back to spend more time in a particular location in the future.


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