An interesting shrimp salad

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This recipe is very delicious and is often prepared at my home because it is easy for preparation and does not take much time.I tried it three years ago and since then I made the salad almost every month.It is suitable for every day use as well as for some parties. It serves 8 people. The preparation time is about 50 minutes.


1 kg shrimps

1 kg potatoes

100 gr white wine

1 cup mayonnaise (about 200 gr)

5 or 6 hard boiled eggs


salt to taste


2 cucumbers

leaves of lettuce

10 walnuts (cut into halves)


Wash the shrimps and place them into a sauce pan without water.Pour some vinegar (not very much) and salt.Cook the shrimps.Then clean them and take the shrimp meat.

Meanwhile you can prepare the potatoes by boiling them and cutting them into cube shape. Boil the eggs and cut them first in halves and then each half into another one.Cut the cucumbers into slices.  Chop the parsley finely.

For the serving you have to prepare a big bowl. On the bottom put the leaves of lettuce and some pieces of the peeled and chopped cucumber( the first one).Then place the shrimp meat,the eggs(cut into pieces),the cut potatoes. Sprinkle with the chopped parsley.Pour the wine and the half of the mayonnaise.Stir very well. Then on the top put the second half of the mayonnaise. Make a flat surface and place some shrimps and cuts of eggs as a decoration.Around the edge of the bowl decorate with slices of cucumber and halves of walnuts.Enjoy this wonderful salad!


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