Bayonetta Boss Battles Guide and Walkthroughs.

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The boss battles in Bayonetta are arguably the best part of the game, pitting you against massive angels such as the cardinal virtues of faith (Sapientia, Iustita, Temperentina and Fortitudo), and small fast enemies such as Jeanne who you need to engage in furious, fast paced combat. Some of these bosses though, are pretty tough! Below are is a guide and tips that will allow you to defeat them more easily, but if you are still having trouble then there are also step by step walkthroughs for each of the Virtues, as well as advice on fighting one of the harder bosses in Bayonetta- Jeanne.

Guide to defeating any Boss battle in Bayonetta:

  1. Locate the weak point. Weak points are usually either glowing orbs, or human faces. You can also locate these by firing with Bayonetta’s handguns- which will usually fire right at anything that will do more damage (assuming you have a line of sight to the boss’ weak point)
  2. Use your handguns. Plinking off little bits of the boss’ health may not seem worth it, but Bayonetta can quickly make the damage rack up of the course of the boss battles. Also, when shooting your guns you move more slowly. This is actually a good thing against some bosses as it means that you will be closer to their attacks when they hit- meaning you need to evade and qualify for witch time.
  3. Speaking of Evading and witch time, these are key to the boss battles on Bayonetta. You must learn to evade effectively, and to be able to pull off witch time often. Most bosses will only expose themselves for a short period, so you need witch time to make it count. Almost every boss will also do major damage when it hits, so you need to evade to avoid Bayonetta getting hit to get the better medals.
  4. If you’re playing through Bayonetta again, use the panther and Bat forms to your advantage. The bat form is a great as it means if you’re a little late on the evade, you won’t take any damage from the boss. The panther form will let you run at great speeds (And is almost vital for fighting the final game Boss). You need to purchase the bat form from Rodin, and Bayonetta will get the panther form in the main game.
  5. Observe the attacks and patterns. Each boss only has about 5 attacks. These can change over the course of the battle, but once you know how to respond to each attack and where the openings lay, the boss battles get much easier. So to begin with, just watch the boss and stay on the defensive. Only join the battle properly once you are sure you know how the boss will behave. You can try a speed run the second time!
  6. Practise. Linked to the above, it’s very hard to avoid a beating the first time you fight a boss- even with a guide or walkthrough. You will probably need to do the battle several times before you can ace it, so be patient and keep trying.
  7. During boss battles, the range of your melee attacks is greatly increased, so you may find that Bayonetta can hit a boss even if they are hovering some distance away.

Still having trouble? Here are walkthroughs for the main bosses to help you:

Fortitudo The Cardinal Virtue Of Fortitude.

This boss battle is the first in Bayonetta and is quite a stinker! The Walkthrough will explain all of Fortitudo’s basic attacks and weaknesses. Bayonetta will walk over him once you’re done.

Temperantia, The Cardinal Virtue Of Temperance

The second boss battle in Bayonetta, and possibly one of the hardest beyond the end boss. Still, the kill sequence is very funny, and you’ll be able to enjoy it with the help of this walkthrough.

Iustitia cardinal virtue of justice.

The third boss battle, and possibly the easiest, Iustitia is still no pushover. Meeting with possibly the most violent end of all the bosses, Bayonetta shows him no mercy for pulling off Cheshire’s eye! Use this walkthrough and lay down the hurt.

Sapientia Cardinal Virtue Of Prudence.

The fourth and final Cardinal virtue in Bayonetta, Sapientia is a very hard boss to beat until you have him figured out. Save yourself the trouble with this walkthrough.


A recurring Boss, and one of the hardest in the game, Jeanne is a real test of your skill. There’s no tricks here, You need to be very good at controlling Bayonetta to beat her. Still, there are some tips here in this walkthrough that can help.

Baldur, The Lumen Sage

The second to last boss in Bayonetta, Baldur is not too tricky, but if you’ve having trouble, this walkthrough will help.


The last boss in the game, Jubelius is as tough as they come. This walkthrough will guide you through this epic battle, but you’ll still need all your luck and skill to end Jubelius.

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