How To Manage Multiple Projects Every Day

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There are many ways to manage multiple projects on Bukisa, eHow, or with anything for that matter, but it can still puzzle even the most brilliant and organized person.  If you are self employed in any field, I suggest taking a look at the list I am providing as a tool for becoming more centered in your work.  What you are reading may seem generic and lacks a lot of detail, but it is a simple step by step outline to help you achieve a sense of organization while working from home. 

1)       Script out a daily plan of action

2)       Create or designate an e-mail for everything according to the type of correspondence (friends & family, auto-responder for marketing, managing all accounts – financial, social networks, projects, and programs.  This includes all of your key contacts, team members, and partners.

3)       Plan your projects or execute them

4)       Set a certain project to work on for the day or evening (setting projects for each day of the week can help)

5)      Keep track of the progress of each project by creating a log or diary.

6)      Take the time to review your progress after each meal break or other break during the day.  Getting away from your computer gives you time to revitalize and to think about what your next plan of action will be.

7)      After you are finished with your daily progress, make yourself available to contact or shoot an e-mail.

Thank you for reading,

Jennifer Korol – Selfemployment Solution Center


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