7 Ideas For Earning Extra Cash

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① Sell Your Stuff

Just take a look through everything you own. Chances are, there’s something that you don’t really want or need. Try having a garage sale, or selling things online on sites like eBay.

② Sell Your Hobbies

If you like to bake, have a bake sale. If you like to sew or make hand-made crafts, try selling them on eBay or Etsy. If you like to sing or play an instrument, try having a talent show or music show, or you could always enter competitions. Or…

③ Tutor

Do you excel in core subjects like English or math? Or maybe you know something someone would like to know, like another language, or how to play an instrument. Try selling lessons to people, for a reasonable price for a reasonable amount of time.

④ Odd Jobs

If you know how to do things like fix someone’s TV or computer, that’s great! Offer your assistance to friends, family or anyone who might need help with that. Try looking in the newspaper for odd jobs like painting. There’s tons of odd jobs someone can do for people – babysit, walk dogs, mow lawn, look after pets, look after their home, clean, wash their car, shovel snow, rake leaves… just get creative!

⑤ Have a lemonade stand

This is more targeted towards children. Lemonade, for a good price, on a hot day, is a good idea. If you don’t live on a busy street, try moving somewhere else – but make sure you have permission first!

⑥ (Children & Teens) – Chores for your Parents

Make a deal with your mom and dad that you do so many chores around the house like cleaning, the dishes, ect., for a small sum of money a week, like $10 or $20, depending on the amount of chores and how well you do them.

⑦ Get a Part-Time Job

Perfect for teens, young adults, or adults with careers and not much to do in their spare time. You can earn a nice amount of money if you save it!


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