Writers Power

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My fingers move over the alphabetical keys as if they are possessed.

I do not worry about punctuation, spelling, or grammar.

As I put my thoughts to paper that will come in time for now!

I must write!

I must put all the words that are building in my head down out away from my cluttered mind.

For it is like a sponge gathering every moments thoughts.

Voices demanding consuming every part of me!

Wanting there story to be told.

Shouting I live!

I am alive through you!

I can become real !

Create my world.

As a writer I am a god.

I can bring to life places and things never seen before!

I can build skyscrapers of blue. 

Bring forth skies of blues and pinks on fall evenings.

There is nothing I cannot do as a writer.

I can make the impossible possible only stopped by my imagination.

I can take man and bring him though out the cosmos!

Moreover I can shrink him down to the size of an ant!

I am a master of all the words I write.

I can put worlds upon worlds in the minds of the reader.

As a creator, I can be evil and a destroyer of the soul!

Make storms that wash ships away swallowed by the sea of Poseidon!

I am a god thee god of creation and destruction of love and hate!

I can create huge laughs of funny wit.

Moreover food not of the flesh but of the mind!

I am an alien I am a human I am all and I am nothing!

I can say any word that comes too thought and in saying that word, I own it forever!

Wars can be won and lost as a writer!

My thoughts can spread through the minds of children adults and any who would pick up the page and dare to read.

I am forever and I am for the moment as a writer!

I am the beginning and the end of every sentence!

As a writer, I always have the last word!

Yes, there is great power in words!

Power that can move nations or start religions!

Words can be written in any form! People march to the words a writer writes they create piece!

Seen by the blind heard by the def and felt by the unfeeling!

I am letters placed side by side to make the power come to life!

I grab you with my writing and hold you in a trance!

My thought becomes your thoughts given you in speeches!

That makes women swoon!

In the words I put to paper I give you sonnets parables preambles and ramblings of the insane crazy desperate and destitute!

That holds the fascination of millions.

I can take you from a hunch back to a king with but a change of worded fortune

My words my thoughts stand on mountains and my name is seen by all well felt by none!

My writings are the poet that comes from the soul!

My words are the pied piper that has a following!

My thoughts and weightings put in to word are the death of star-crossed lovers!

Words are deep dark depths from the heart of tears!

As writer man, doses not need to see me to feel the power I weld behind the curtain of Oz!

Like a sword that cuts to the chase or is dull and harmless my words move!

My thoughts live as the master of power if I write it!

It is an if a person reads it!

It grows It can bring me money or brake me to obscurity!

Writing can make me the fool also of absurdity!

It can be bloody it can be sweet or it can be dangerous.

Placed in the wrong hands the power of words put to page by thought of one can ripple on the pound of life.

That will become the thoughts of thousand millions!

Words can gather or explode apart!

If my words were powerful, enough they can capture your living vassal.

As a writer of words I can make you worship, idolize me!

If I choose, the right words placed in the correct order one after another!

Alternatively, the words I write can make you fear me despise me for my words are lightning!

They are smoke and were there is smoke there is fire!

In that fire you will find my figures poised writing thinking growing doing there work.

As conquerors, conjurers of symbols! My writing is words of visual art!

The flames flairs and sparks of all man understanding!

My word my thoughts are history and future mind molding whys and what could be on shelves gathering dust!

Waiting breathing pumping for that person to once again read them!

Make them live again!


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