“We would rather have a dog visit our house than a politician”

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This is the clear message out to the politicians in India by the clearly upset citizens after the undigestable remarks by the Chief Minister of Kerala. In a shocking statement, the CM of Kerala, Mr. Achutanand, had remarked, “if it were not for a soldiers’ house, not even a dog would have visited you” after being denied entry to his house by the father of martyr NSG (Major) Mr. Sandeep Unnikrishnan.

The sentiments are running quite high among the citizens of India and especially among the Mumbaikars after the tragic terrorist attacks in Mumbai. What wrong had a father of a young man done in denying the CM of Kerala from visiting his house to gain advantage from the entire affair. No other person could feel what he had been going through to lose such a young child and he did what he thought right at that moment. One really can’t question his reactions as they are quite normal in a mourning family. But what is deeply shameful is the CM’s reaction when not been allowed inside. How can a politician in a right frame of mind even dare to say such a thing about a mourning family.

Mr. Achutanand’s remarks are clearly not well taken by the citizens of India and people have made clear their views on it by displaying placards and posters condemning the minister by remarks like, “We would rather have a dog visit our house than a politician”. The sentiments of people have been hurt and are demanding an apology from the minister. There is high pressure on the CM to apologise from even his own party as his remarks have not gone down well with his collegues too. It is really very depressing for a CM to say such things to a martyr and this incident has really put a dent to his political career. I don’t think people can ever forget such inhumane remarks against martyrs and sorry to say but Mr. Achutanand, you have not only hurt the sentiments of Mr. Unnikrishnan’s family but the sentiments of entire India. Remeber, your future is in the people’s hand.


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