Why do people cheat or lie ?

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The basic needs of a human being are food, clothing, a place to live and a job to raise his family. In our civilized world, if some body is willing to work a bit hard, these are not difficult to achieve and enjoy. Yet what we see is people cheat, bribe and lie most of the times. Let’s look at some of the problems first and then we see the possible reason(s) for the same.


In a country like India, there is probably no man who hasn’t noticed corruption or been immune to it. People are willing to do anything to make money; steal someone’s body organs, Forest officials sell the resource they need to protect, Municipal official approves dangerous building violations, Traffic cops harassing public to extort money, Politicians use their power to make huge amounts of wealth, the list goes on and probably infinite.


On the other side of the equation, people lie and cheat other fellows majority of times; Passengers travel in buses and trains without buying tickets, People add harmful chemicals to fruits to ripen faster, They sell a product worth a rupee for a ten, A job seeker puts all fake experience on his resume, A student lies to his parent about his poor performance at school, the list goes on.


This is another major problem that is causing injustice and hence unrest throughout the world. Capitalism is not helping this problem in any manner as it depicts the measure of success by material wealth. People are greedy about money and material stuff; A corporate CEO gives himself millions of dollars in bonus and spends it on so called ultra luxuries, Politicians and bureaucrats don’t stop their corruption even after amassing wealth that their next 5 generations can’t spend and so on.

Reason(s) and Conclusion:

Is the reason for these problems a lack of culture or moral values ?

A lack of strength(weakness) and imperfections in humans seem to be the main cause of this epidemic. People are corrupt because they are not confident of their future and have great sense of insecurity which drives them to collect wealth in improper manner. People are dishonest as they lack the courage to tell and face the consequences of truth. Greed drives many people, through their sense of insecurity or lack of understanding that the actual thing that they are looking for can be experienced by the simple pleasures of life and are mostly free. It can be peace, happiness or freedom.

If there is a remedy for this problem, it can begin only by accepting the fact of weakness and try to overcome it. The silver lining here is, it is possible to overcome weakness.


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