Obama Democrats Irresponsible Spending

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Your wealth is the wealth of Democrats – yes, I know, boggles the mind but democrats have never been shy of presenting their own wealth because that wealth isn’t your anyway – so why should they care? Obama and his Democrats are on a ride of their lives spending irresponsibly with no end in sight.

Here are some facts concerning spending during the Bush years. Former President GW Bush raised the national debt from $5 trillion to $10 trillion – it took eight years for him to do that. One can fault Bush for not vetoing many high expenditures but then again, he never claimed to be a Conservative let alone, dealing with hurricanes, the 9/11 attacks, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and running the federal government.

Office of Management and Budget has presented that the spending during the Bush years are tame – although the democrats kept knocking Bush for the massive spending, something even they didn’t care about other than a public showing of fakeness on their part – The Bush administration in 2002 spent deficits of $158 billion. In 2003, they spent $378 billion; $413 billion in 2004; $318 billion in 2005; $248 billion in 2006; $162 billion in 200; and ended his second term as President in 2008, $410 billion.

Obama Democrats on the other hand, are spending on “hope and change” and in the end, will bankrupt out nation. These are the same people who chastised the tea parties, the protests to stop the spending – you know, the average hard-working citizens who are struggling day in and day out but do they care? No, if they did, the socialist nationalized healthcare, cap and tax plans, the millions of dollars being spent on lavish parties at the White House, would have been put on the back burner and the economy and job growth would have taken a priority but spending addiction is hard for Democrats to halt.

That doesn’t matter to them, because going after the evil rich – which is really the middle class taxpayers – is their main goal, not the top 1% money makers. Forget the ‘actual” rich people because there are not enough of them to pay for much that the Democrats and Obama are counting their twisted spending analogy on, that all will be fine because that is where the money is. They could careless as long as it is the “other” party who is acting irresponsible.

There seven deadly spending sins the Obama Democrats are doing and these sins will make the Bush deficit years looks like the interest rate you get on your savings account these days and even irresponsible people recognize that.

The democrats will binge spend $1.8 trillion dollars off the shoulders of taxpayers which equates to the largest one-time increase in U.S. history. President Obama and his spending elves rang up a record-setting deficit of $1.42 trillion in his first year in office. This is three times higher than the previous record. Obama’s deficit in the first month of the first full fiscal year amounted to $176 billion. Compare that to Bush’s deficit of $159 billion the entire first full fiscal year.

Obama’s non-defense discretionary spending will increase by 16% this year which will be the highest ever since peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter in 1978 – I am sure Jimmy Carter has become increasingly pleased that he is now not the worst president in US History. Moreover, Obama has increased the size of the federal government by a whopping 64% since he took office and it hasn’t even been a year yet. It is by far the largest increase of wasteful spending in 30 years.

Obama and his elves spending will lead to a National Debt to that of 76% of the GDP by 2019, the largest increase in 60 years. Furthermore, his asinine spending sprees will nearly double our national debt from $11.9 trillion to $23 trillion in nine years. His absurd spending spree will increase our debt faster than any president in US history.

Democrats have never been shy to blame everyone else, especially, “It’s all Bush’s fault” which is what we will hear from all of the Obama-ologists over the next 3 years as the Obama Democrats continue to spend this nation into bankruptcy. They just continue to use the old stand-by democratic playbook – complain endlessly but never offer real solutions – which works well for them as their supporters yell for the guillotine.

The near collapse of our financial system is because of this housing travesty that is directly linked to the failure of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, AIG, forcing financial institutions to lend into bad practices, and going back even further to Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act – in which Bill Clinton and his cohorts tinkered with in the 1990s because they believed anyone should have a house regardless even if they cannot afford one – has created another chapter of the continuous failures that no dares accuse the democrats of.

Now our so-called improving national financial system will eventually become a national bankruptcy nightmare and that failure will rest squarely in the corner of the Democrats; their Democrat Socialist policies.

When that happens, the socialist chickens will have arrived home – Obama’s hope and change will become spend and sink.


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