Bayonetta sea Boss walkthrough- Sapientia Cardinal Virtue Of Prudence.

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If you need help with any other boss in Bayonetta, or you just want some general advice, you can read a complete walkthrough here.

Sapientia is an awkward boss, but not particularly hard once you’ve got the knack of him. This walkthrough will help you, but to beat this boss you need to get a ‘feel’ for the whole fight. This walkthrough will help you survive against Sapientia long enough to do that, and once you have the feel, this boss is quite easy.

  1. No platforms this time, instead Bayonetta is surfing on a piece of wreckage to fight Sapientia- and you have to pick this boss apart like roast chicken. First, you need to deal with the weak spots on Sapientia’s legs- the faces. This is quite straight forward, and the attacks you need to worry about are missiles (easily dodged) and fireballs (Launched from the faces, so easy to avoid unless you’re at point blank range). You will also sometimes get an energy rain attack, similar to that on Temperentia’s final phase. If Bayonetta is moving in a straight line, Sapientia should miss. It doesn’t hurt to evade though! The best tactic is to hang around near one of Sapientia’s leg faces until you get Witch time. Then have Bayonetta move over and lay into the face with your favoured combos.
  2. Once you’ve destroyed the face, Sapientia will dive under the water. He does this frequently throughout the entire boss fight, so you’ll quickly learn how to avoid the attacks. First of all, he jumps up out of the water straight up to try and eat Bayonetta. A pool of ripples will appear where Sapientia is going to attack (Always in the direction you are travelling), so immediately double back and you won’t even need to evade to avoid the boss’ attack. He does this twice, then his third attack is horizontal. The camera will pan towards Sapientia heading right for Bayonetta. Simply move perpendicular (at 90 degrees relative to) the boss, and he will miss every time. Thanks to the camera, all you need to do is move Bayonetta directly left or right. It doesn’t hurt to evade when the boss is making these attacks, but if you time it right, you shouldn’t need to.
  3. Repeat the above 2 steps to have Bayonetta take out the other 3 faces. After destroying the 4th, you can execute a climax. Follow the quicktime instructions and Bayonetta will guide Sapientia right into the jaws of a demon, exposing a new face for you to attack!
  4. Now things get tricky. If you want to play it safe, you can keep Bayonetta away from Sapientia, and just dodge the boss’ long range attacks. Once he dives under water, repeat point 2, but after Sapientia launches his horizontal attack, keep moving straight forwards as the camera resets. The boss will jump up and land in front of Bayonetta, momentarily stunned. This leaves you a perfect moment to unload a combo on Sapientia’s  face.
  5. Repeating the above tactic of hit and run is fine, but to get a good time you also need to keep attacking after the grace period. Sapientia will counter with his claws and also by attempting to bite you. If you feel confident enough to evade these, then by all means do and keep racking up damage on the boss!
  6. Eventually, you will be able to climax against the boss again, and guide Sapientia back to the demon who will chew the boss face off.
  7. Now things get interesting as Bayonetta must attack Sapientia inside a whirlpool! This is actually quite easy. Once the boss has force Bayonetta up to the top, keep advancing down, aligning yourself so you are between his legs (this is where the orb that the demon revealed will come down), and just evade whenever a laser or a missile approaches. Once Bayonetta is in front of Sapientia, Jump up and keep hitting him in the orb (Note that it may take a few moments for his head to drop down). Beware that you still need to avoid his claws and jaws. He has also now gained a fireball attack from his mouth. This is a real pain in the neck as it’s hard to dodge at point blank range- there’s no trick here, you just need to be fast- the plus side is that you can get witch time off it!
  8. After Sapientia pushes Bayonetta back up the whirlpool, just repeat point 7 until his health is gone, then execute the climax! Job’s a good one.

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