How students can make a little extra money?

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Planned a lunch with my friends next week but have shortage of balance! Have a prepaid mobile whose balance is over and now don’t want to ask money from parents! These and many such situations are common in todays college students, which I being a student myself is quite aware of. There is always a way to earn some extra money and provide for the expenses which can’t be met by your regular pocket money, depending on where you live and what are your prohibitions. Few such methods have been listed below.

1) Writing on-line: Just what I am doing in here in Bukisa! We all have something to say on every topic around us. If you are one of them who can organise his or her opinions well and express them as an article then writing on-line in your spare time should be a good option for you. Few more websites who will provide help on your way to freelance on-line writing are Contant Content, Associated Content,Triond, Hub-pages or Squidoo.

This will require less regular time and a little patience to build up a reputation on-line as a writer but is one of the most respectable and sought after jobs for students.

2)”Paid to ___” sites are there who will pay you a substantial amount of money for completing offers or posting content, photographs, videos, reviews and others. Beware of scams and never pay anything for starting this jobs.Survey sites, myLot, paid to read emails, paid to post forums and the list goes on. Just beware of scams .

3) Coaching primary school kids: If you are patient with kids and can handle them well, then why not spend your spare time coaching students who need help in subject you are efficient in. This can be a profitable job if yo can provide enough attention to your students and help them good marks. Post add on-line or in your local newspapers and just see the huge number of responses you get.

4) Helping out the ladies! Ladies in your area need to go to school to fetch the kids, supermarket to get few things and etcetra. You can gather some local friends and provide these ladies with your service for a good side income.

5) Attending homes: Orphanages and old age homes always need people to provide little help in various ways but can’t afford to keep permanent people. You can help these homes by teaching orphans, looking after the old ones or doing other jobs for little money thus earning some pocket money while helping a cause.

6)Do you drive you way to college everyday? Well give a lift to few of your neighbours for some money. Make sure they are mature enough to not mess with your vehicle and never let them take your vehicle for personal purpose. Otherwise e lonely ride to school or college can be replaced by a income source.

7)Trivial jobs: Babysitting, gardening and many other trivial jobs need to be done at every household. While you can again provide your service here with the help of some of your friends. People can do these works themselves but don’t want to.

8)Turn your hobby into your part time career: Every college student has some talent or unique hobby. Why don’t you turn it into an income source. Digital photography, freelance journalism or reporting, baking, making jewelleries, perfumes, candle, bracelets, event management, party decoration and etcetera. Post your add in some media and turn your hobby into your part time job. This is something which will make your spare time enjoyable and economical!

Lastly never do something dangerous or out of greed which may cause you to regret later. College life is for building your career and that should be your main goal always. Something as a fun is welcome but your part time job shold never interfere with your regular studies.


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