Effective ways on saving time when painting

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Painting is a project most of us try to avoid. If at all possible we pay others to do this stressful job for us. If we are not that fortunate and have to do this on our own, there are a few things we can do to make this process a little easier. Here are a few I personally find time saving as well as making things less stressful.

Water- Based Acrylic Paint If you use oil based paint it is harder for you to clean up any drips you have. If you use a water based acrylic paint you can just simply get a damp sponge or rag and wipe up any spots.

Wrap Brushes In Plastic Wrap
If you are going to work on the same paint job the following day, there is no need to clean your paint brushes because you don’t want them to dry out. All you have to do is securely wrap them in plastic wrap and place them in your refrigerator, away from food items. You will prevent them from drying out by doing this.

Plastic Liners
When your using metal paint trays you should always use plastic liners. Plastic liners will help prevent messes as well as help you when you have to clean the metal pans. It is time consuming when you have to clean the pans when you are finished with your project.

Buy Cheap Brushes
Unless you just have to use expensive paint brushes, try using cheaper paint brushes. If you use cheaper paint brushes you will save money as well as time. you can save time because you don’t have to waste time making sure that they are thoroughly cleaned and dried out before storing them away.


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