"S" Vehicles Location Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Part Two

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This is a pretty fast boat, but despite its name, it’s not the fastest boat in San Andreas.
Speed and handling:Along with the Speeder’s quality fastness comes ease of handling, so this is a great craft to have when on the water. It takes quick changes of direction without much trouble at all.
Locations:You can find a Speeder floating or cruising around just about anywhere on the waters of San Andreas, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one. Just look around. There is often a Speeder parked at a dock East of San Fierro’sGarver Bridge across from the naval base.


This is another very fast boat, one of the fastest in the game.
Speed and handling: Great speed, great acceleration and great steering. Takes quick changes with ease. What more could you ask from a boat?
Locations:Get all silver awards at the boat school North of San Fierro and a Squalo will appear outside the school at the docks. Sometimes you can find a Squalo at beneath the Garver Bridge in San Fierro.


The Stafford appears to be a Rolls Royce or perhaps a Bentley automobile.
Speed and handling: This car starts off kind of slow, but in the end it can get up to some decent speed. The handling is fair at lower speeds, but at higher speeds it’s not so great, fishtailing rather easily around corners and flipping over (and then blowing up) on bumpy terrain. Doesn’t seem able to take much damage, either.
Locations:The Stafford can sometimes be found being driven around some of the wealthier districts in the cities. Try Prickle Pine and The Strip in LasVenturas, and Vinewood and Rodeo in Los Santos. Sometimes a Stafford can be found parked around the Van Hoff Hotel in San Fierro.


This car kind of looks like a Ford Mustang from the 1960s, but not exactly.
Speed and handling:The Stallion has some solid speed, though the acceleration is lacking just a little. It seems durable enough to take some damage, and its handling is fairly strong. The Stallion rarely fishtails out of control in San Andreas, but occasionally it will when driven at high speeds.
Locations:The Stallion is an extremely common vehicle in San Fierro, and can commonly be found cruising round just about any part of that city. In Los Santos and LasVenturas, the Stallion is much more rare, though from time to time it will appear on the roads.


The Stratum looks something like a Honda Accord station wagon.
Speed and handling: The handling here is only okay, but the speed is actually pretty decent. The worst thing about the Stratum is its lack of durability, making it weak against gunfire and lots of crashes.
Locations:When all the missions at Wang’s Autos in San Fierro have been finished, a Stratum will appear in Wang’s showroom. Otherwise, the Stratum seems to be most common throughout San Fierro, though I’ve also seen it in northern LasVenturas and along The Strip.


The Stretch is a long limousine. This vehicle comes in three different colors in San Andreas, but by far the most common is all white. In a couple of main story missions there are black limousines, but to keep them you have to take store one of the black limos in one of your garages and then fail the mission on purpose. The third type of Stretch is both black and white, white on top and black on the bottom, and it only shows up in the mission “Jizzy;” again, to keep this limo you would have to store it then intentionally lose the mission.
Speed and handling: xxx
Locations:The Stretch is not extremely common, but when it shows up it tends to show up in droves. I’ve seen it in the more ritzy parts of all the cities, Rodeo in Los Santos, The Strip in LasVenturas, and multiple places in San Fierro.


This is a modern stuntplane best used for, you guessed it, doing stunts in the air.
Speed and handling:The Stuntplane is slow, but it’s supposed to be. Why? Because going too fast makes it more difficult to do tricky maneuvers in the air (or in a car in San Andreas, for that matter). See, the handling on the Stuntplane is so good that it’s pretty easy to do loops and other tricks in the air with this craft. You can also dumped colored dye out the back of this plane while flying it.
Locations:If you earn all silver medals at the flight school in Verdant Meadows, a Stuntplane will from then on appear parked in one of the open hangars outside. There are only two other ways to get a Stuntplane in San Andreas. First, from time to time a Stuntplane can be seen flying overhead; if you can figure out some way to jack that plane without crashing it or blowing it up, you’ve go the plane, but good luck trying that. The other way to get the Stuntplane is to go to the air races in LasVenturas’ airport, start the mission “Barnstorming,” which supplies you a Stuntplane, then land the plane somewhere and let the time run out so you fail the mission intentionally; the plane should remain wherever you left it, but if not, then try the mission again because this should work eventually.


Based upon a Subaru, this is one of the best overall land vehicles in San Andreas.
Speed and handling: Great speed here, comparable to some sports cars, and also has pretty good acceleration. The handling here is a dream. This vehicle hardly ever spins out of control or fishtails.
Locations:Once you complete the missions for Wang’s Autos in San Fierro, this vehicle will appear in Wang’s car showroom. The Sultan can also be found Downtown in San Fierro cruising around and along The Strip in LasVenturas.


It’s basically a Honda Accord, and it’s not a bad car to drive.
Speed and handling: The Sunrise takes off slow, but it will eventually get going really fast. It handles well, taking sharp turns with little trouble, and it doesn’t get thrown all over the place every time you bump into something. It doesn’t handle well when you take it off blacktop or concrete, so stick to the roads. Also, beware that high speeds in any Grand Theft Auto vehicle will loosen up the controls a bit.
Locations: The Sunrise is one of the most common vehicles in San Andreas, so you can find it just about anywhere in the cities and sometimes on the roads in the countryside.

Super GT

It’s a sports car, but I can’t say much good about it. Looks kind of like a Toyota from the early 1990s.
Speed and handling: There is plenty of speed and great acceleration here, but the good stuff ends with that. The handling is awful. The Super GT slides around all over the road and fishtails at the drop of a hat. It also doesn’t seem very durable to me, catching fire rather easily compared to other vehicles in San Andreas.
Locations:If you get all bronze awards in the San Fierro driving school, a Super GT will appear outside in the parking lot from then on in the game. Also, sometimes a Super GT will appear behind the control tower in the San Fierro airport. I’ve also seen the Super GT cruising around most of the cities, but most commonly along The Strip in LasVenturas. Sometimes I’ve witnessed a Super GT around Rodeo in Los Santos.


This is an armored vehicle used by the police in San Andreas. It has a rotating water cannon on its top you can use to knock down pedestrians. Also, you can use the SWAT for vigilante missions, but it’s not very good for those missions since you can’t shoot out the sides of the vehicle.
Speed and handling: There’s a little speed here, but it takes a while to get there because of slow acceleration. Handling is okay, not great, but that can be expected in what is virtually a small tank. One nice thing is the SWAT can take a goodly amount of damage, but keep in mind it is not indestructible and will eventually blow up if it takes enough damage. Considering its hardiness and weight, the SWAT is an excellent vehicle for knocking aside other cars on the road.
Locations:You won’t find the SWAT sitting around or being driven around San Andreas. There is only one way to get a SWAT in the game and it comes way late, in fact in the very last main story mission called “End of the Line.” In that mission, you get a chance to steal a SWAT vehicle, but in order to keep it you will have to drive it to one of your garages, park it, then fail the mission intentionally, which means you have to let CJ get killed.


This is a street sweeper vehicle. You’ll never need it, I promise. Be glad for that.
Speed and handling: This is one of the worst vehicles to drive in San Andreas. It is very slow, one of the slowest vehicles in the game. It handles cornering just awful. It’s top heavy and wants to flip over. And it can’t much damage. You don’t need it for any missions, so there’s not much reason to drive it.
Locations:The Unity Station overpass bridge in Los Santos always has a Sweeper parked beneath it. Otherwise, it’s pretty rare, though you can run across one every now and then parked away in a corner somewhere.

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