"S" Vehicles Location Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Part One

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It’s a 1970 Olds Cutlass, I believe, and it’s one heck of a muscle car.
Speed and handling: Awesome speed. Awesome handling. Awesome brakes. Durable. One of my favorite automobiles in all of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Is there a downside? Yes, but only slight. The Sabre tends to fishtail a bit while trying to take sharp turns, especially on wet roads and grass.
Locations:The Sabre seems pretty common in the Doherty neighborhood in San Fierro and downtown Los Santos. You can look around elsewhere for it, however, because the Sabre is not the most rare of cars in San Andreas.


Another of my favorite vehicles in San Andreas. It’s basically a dirt bike.
Speed and handling:The Sanchez is nowhere near being a fast motorcycle, but that’s alright. It makes up for the lack of speed in so many other ways. For one, maybe it’s just me and I’m lucky, but I’ve always had a difficult time being knocked off a Sanchez, even when struck by other vehicles. Also, the handling on the Sanchez is fantastic. And while the Sanchez can get you around decently on roads, it really shines when you take it into the country. For a good time, hop on a Sanchez and take to the hills or deserts.
Locations:The Sanchez is easy to find in the countryside and desert because it’s just about everywhere on the roads and parked in a lot of the small towns and trailer parks. There is often a Sanchez parked where the Mt. Chiliad races end on the southeastern bottom of the mountain. Also, a Sanchez can usually be found parked near the outdoors save point in Angel Pine (not to be confused with the safe house in Angel Pine).

Sand King

This is a customized truck, looking a little like a Jeep Cherokee, specifically made for roaming the deserts of San Andreas. You’re going to like this vehicle. Every once in a while you can even find a Sand King with hydraulics.
Speed and handling: This sucker is pretty fast, but that’s not its best feature. The best feature? The way the Sand King handles and keeps traction. This vehicle can go off road better than most of the other off-road vehicles in San Andreas, able to make big jumps and cruise along bumpy terrain with ease. It handles well on highways too, but the Sand King is really for taking to dirt.
Locations:It’s easy to get, but not until relatively late in the game. There’s only one place to find the Sand King, and that’s beneath the Big Ear, the giant satellite dish in the desert West of Las Venturas.


The Savanna is a lowrider, looking like a Chevy Impala from the 1960s. It does not have a top when seen around San Andreas, but you can have it modified and have a top added.
Speed and handling: Solid speed, solid acceleration and some of the best brakes in the game. But the fishtail factor sucks big time. Bump into anything and you’re going to go spinning out of control all over the place.
Locations:Once you have completed the missions at Wang’s Cars in San Fierro, a Savanna will appear in Wang’s showroom. But the Savanna isn’t all that hard to find, especially in downtown Los Santos.

Sea Sparrow

This aircraft is another version of the Sparrow helicopter, but this time with floating pontoons allowing you to land on water. It even comes with a forward-mounted machine gun, which adds to the fun.
Speed and handling: The speed here is fair, but most helicopters in San Andreas are not very fast, at least compared to jet airplanes. The handling, however, is pretty solid, a little better than the Sparrow itself, making it pretty easy to fly. The Sea Sparrow will follow your control directions pretty easily, also making it a breeze to use that machine gun to stir up some mayhem on the roads.
Locations:There is usually a Sea Sparrow floating in the waters in the southeast side of the Sherman Dam area. Also, go a good distance north of Verdant Meadows, the abandoned airstrip in the desert where you have a safe house, and just off the shore in the ocean you can find a Sea Sparrow. On rare occasions, a Sea Sparrow will spawn at the helipad in the Bayside Marina near where the boat school is located.


The Securicar is an armored bank or money vehicle in San Andreas. It has guards, in case you try to jack one, but they don’t shoot at you.
Speed and handling:The Securicar has fair speed, especially once you get going a bit, and it’s pretty durable (as should be expected), but that’s all that’s good about this vehicle. It handles sluggishly, taking curves slow and rough, though you won’t often spin out of control because of the vehicle’s weight. The brakes, also, aren’t great, so don’t expect to stop on a dime.
Locations:In Queens, San Fierro, there is a mint building, and usually there are some Securicars parked in its parking lot. A relatively rare vehicle, sometimes you can find a Securicar cruising around San Fierro or along The Strip in Las Venturas.


The Sentinel is one of the sportier versions of a four-door BMW sedan. It’s actually a pretty good vehicle.
Speed and handling:The speed here is good, though not great. Acceleration is also good. Handling is above average, though tailspinning on tight turns is a possibility. Good brakes. Decent durability. An all around good car.
Locations:The Sentinel is a fairly common vehicle, especially in business districts and the more expensive neighborhoods in San Andreas. Check out the Financial district and San Fierro, Rodeo in Los Santos or the Old Venturas Strip in Las Venturas for a Sentinel. Prickle Pine in Las Venturas also sports Sentinels from time to time.


This is a Learjet, and it’s a quality airplane to fly. Despite its size, it will only carry one person, its pilot.
Speed and handling:The Shamal is a little slow in takeoff, but larger planes in San Andreas tend to be that. However, once it gets going it has really good speed and can fly very high, perhaps higher than any other plane except for a military fighter jet. The handling is some of the best in the game for an airplane, making the Shamal a breeze to fly.
Locations:The Shamal is one of the easiest planes to find in San Andreas. Check the airports in any of the cities and you will find a Shamal somewhere.


This craft is similar to the Dodo airplane, except it has pontoons and can land on water. Not a great plane, but it can be fun.
Speed and handling: The Skimmer is a slow plane, but it only needs a little space to take off (much like the Dodo). It’s handling seems a bit erratic, but with practice you can get used to it. Watch out for engine stall, however, especially when climbing. Your best bet is not to try to go into a steep climb or the engine will die on you and you’ll crash.
Locations:There is almost always a Skimmer in the vicinity of the Sherman, two in fact, one just to north of (or behind) the dam near a dock with steps that lead up a desert wall and the other further north by a dock near a highway in Valle Ocultado. Sometimes there is a Skimmer at the Bayside Marina north of San Fierro.


This is an older-model truck that has been modified into a lowrider.
Speed and handling:The Slamvan has excellent acceleration and overall speed, and also has good steering. A pleasure to drive.
Locations:The Slamvan always seems difficult for me to find. Usually I discover them in Las Venturas along The Strip, but I have run across them on very rare occasions downtown Los Santos and in northern San Fierro.


This car looks something like a Ford Taurus station wagon.
Speed and handling:Despite its boring looks, the Solair is a fair vehicle. It has okay speed, and solid handling. It brakes well and corners better than many other vehicles in San Andreas.
Locations:The Solair usually isn’t difficult to find because it can pop up anywhere in any of the cities of San Andreas.


This is an older style helicopter. It can carry two people altogether.
Speed and handling: This a slow aircraft, but most helicopters are in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Its controls are a bit shaky, but you can fly it with some practice and a decent flight skill.
Locations:Late in the game, you can find a Sparrow on the roof of Madd Dog’s mansion. Also, in San Fierro, there is often one of these helicopters atop the Zombotech building.

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