How to understand Teenagers better?

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Just a year passed since I shook off the label of a teenager and not at an age to be exactly termed as an adult, its an amazing experience to write about the evergreen struggle between teenagers and adults, that had existed since the dawn of the human society. Its odd how the mentality of a person suddenly changes altogether towards teenagers when they themselves step out of that age.

“When we were of your age…..”-every person has heard these words and hates them equally! Sadly they repeat the same thing to their youngsters. What youngsters of every age needs to understand is that blunt refusal to listen to what the elder person has to say will harm none but us in the long run. Adults similarly, no use in saying what happened when you were a teenager, cause it wasn’t 21st century back then! These dialogues simply switches off the mind of a teenager to further conversation and trust me, I didn’t listen to anything said after these. 

Accept the fact that teenagers are growing up to have their own individuality now and it isn’t an easy time for them either. Sitting calmly and listening to their point of views on day to day topics will help the growing person as a whole, while your calm and sober attitude will gain the authority no amount of scolding could get. The teenager will trust you with their worries then which will save you lot of troubles. Being a little friendly isn’t that difficult after all. 

At this age sudden physical and mental changes occurs which disturbs the teenagers. Proper counseling and not shunning their questions will put their minds into ease. They love adventure and saying that something is tabooed or is not acceptable will make it appear more adventurous and interesting to the teenager and thats a simple equation most adults fail to understand. 
My parents often told us stories about their fun filled teenage years and the mischiefs, how the life back then has effected their present days. Those stories reached us better than any counselling or advice could and parents became a lot more easily approachable. Reflecting on your past years as teenagers will help you to understand their illogical behaviour and opinions more logically cause you will see your children are actually doing the same things you had done when you were in their age! 
They are neither kids nor adults and at such an age when their social life is just evolving, its very important for the young minds to get some extra respect and importance from their parents as it boosts their self confidence saving them from becoming indignant and developing them to become a more responsible personality. 
Its not the sole duty of the parents to understand young minds. Youngsters also needs to understand that the sudden increase in age has not diminished the age difference with parents and they deserve the same respect as earlier. Imagine a seven year old saying you backdated! Outrageous right? Its equally so when you disrespect your parents. If being a teenager means growing up and deserving respect, it also means to prove yourself every bit worthy of the respect you are getting. Accept the facts when adults say they are more experienced then you and hece knows more about life, cause its true. 
Teenagers are vibrant, over confident, arrogant, and rein free while the adults are controlled, experienced, polished and restrained in their personalities. Such opposites are sure to clash when kept together! It depends on the adults to use their experience and knowledge of life to handle the wild teenagers and mould them into respectable human of future without hurting or compromising their feelings.


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