How Can I Whiten My Teeth At Home?

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There are some things you should avoid in order to get whiter teeth like for example smoking and drinking coffee. However there are some other ways for you to get your teeth whitened. Those ways mainly divide into 2 main groups.

The first one of them includes certain procedures that are applied by specialists. Such procedure is the laser whitening treatment. This treatment is considered to be very safe for your body and also show results within an hour. However this treatment is expensive and do not give long lasting results.

The second group of methods to whiten your teeth includes products that will help you whiten your teeth at home. Nowadays some of the most popular products that will help you whiten your teeth are containing hydrogen peroxide. If using such products you must remember that they must be applied twice a day with a toothbrush for at least 1 minute. If you keep up with the product instructions, you will notice results after a week. There are also some home made products you can use to whiten your teeth. Such product may be created using baking soda, water and strawberries. The ingredients must be blended and after that you may use them as toothpaste. Although it tastes horrible, it will show very good permanent results.

Another thing you can do at home for whiter teeth is to chew raw spinach. This has proven surely to give very good results, off course if you like spinach. Also you may brush your teeth with bicarbonate of soda. This procedure must be applied every 15 days and also it is recommended to smokers.


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