One hour teeth whitening treatments

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That is because of the recent development of the technologies.
Nowadays you can get fast whitening treatment from your dentist. There are some procedures like laser whitening that will show results for just one hour.
If you need to get your teeth whitened for such short period of time, you must first be informed what exactly the procedure consists of.
The procedure begins with a use of color chart to determine the current shade of the teeth. After that the teeth are cleaned and polished, because that is needed to achieve maximum results. Also you should keep in mind that your mouth will be held open for an hour and also there you will get protective dam that is applied to the gums.
Mainly the one hour whitening treatment is consisted of applying peroxide gel on the already polished teeth. This gel must stay on your teeth for 30 to 60 minutes and must be warmed up with bright light. After the time is up, the peroxide gel and the protective dam are removed.
The last part of the one hour whitening treatment consists of applying disinfectant to the teeth. Although this treatment is thought to take 1 hour, it takes more to be completed.
Recently there was another treatment that takes up to 30 minutes for you to whiten your teeth. This procedure you may apply at home and it is called Maximum Teeth Whitening. However this procedure must be applied daily for a couple of weeks and it consists of specially made whitening kit, but you must certainly know that the results you will achieve are more lasting than those that you will get from the other one hour treatments.


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