What teeth whitening products are the fastest?

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Although having whiter teeth is often genetic, there are nowadays many procedures and special solutions available. Almost all of those procedures have proven to show results, but all of this takes different amount of time. However there are many procedures that can amaze you with their quick results.
One of the fastest teeth whitening systems available is Crest Night Effects. This system must be applied before going to bed. You will see some results after 2 days and after 2 weeks you will have teeth white as snow. This whitening solution is perfect, because it works during the night. This will help you get the best results, compared to another daytime teeth whitener.
One of the fastest teeth whitening solutions is laser tooth whitening. This procedure must be done by specially qualified dentist that will help you control the results and prevent some nasty side effects during the treatment. This solution includes some whitening products like professional strength bleaching gel. After putting this special gel, a laser is used to activate the product. This procedure is quite expensive with prices ranging $500 to $1500, but you will see results for less than an hour.
Another very popular products that can make your teeth whiter are the trays. Such product must be worn for a couple of hours or sometime overnight. Those products have prices ranging from $400 to $1000 and show results for a couple of days.
There are many other products available on the market, but those here I have mentioned are some of the fastes.


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