Custom teeth whitening trays

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Due to the fast technological improvement nowadays there are many methods that will help you get your teeth whitened for a very short period of time. Such methods are for example having laser whitening treatment, brushing your teeth with special whitening toothpaste and using specially made bleaching agents.
Another method available for you to get your teeth whitened is using a whitening tray. Such trays are offered by many popular dental companies and they are not expensive at all. The main advantage of using those whitening trays is that they can be specially made to fit you perfectly, that guarantees that you will get the best possible results.
The custom made whitening trays have another main advantage, which is that they are safe and easy to use. This whitening products are strongly recommended by many dentists for use instead many other medications or different procedures.
To perform successful whitening procedure using special tray, you must follow some certain steps. At first you must make first a paste of catalyst and base, by mixing them together, second you must mold that material into the tray, after that you must take impressions of your teeth and you must keep in mind that you must not remove the impressions before 90 seconds are passed. That is how you create your custom made teeth whitening trays. After that you must ask your dentist to demonstrate you how exactly place your teeth whitener, because that is really important if you want to get the maximum results of that procedure. This method will help you get your teeth whiter and will probably save you up to $300


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