S100 batting helmets for baseball

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It is made from 4 independent layers of protection. Also it is built with a multiple impact expanded polypropylene liner for added protection and it has composite inserts that provide additional durability. This helmet is official for the Minor leagues and it has been approved by NOCSAE. Also the S100 bating helmets come with 3 years warranty that includes abnormal defects to the shell, liner and padding.

S100 batting helmets for baseball: Prices
The S100 batting helmets have rather cheap prices starting from $99 at the official website of the company that makes them – Rawlings.

S100 batting helmets for baseball: Protection
S100 batting helmets are specially designed for protection. They can protect you from a ball with 100mph speed. That is because they are created from multiple layers of plastic and also have some special improvements. Also the S100 batting helmet is made to provide certain comfort to the player. It has specially designed system that absorbs, stores and releases body heat. So here you have another reason to buy your child S100 batting helmet. There is no other helmet offering such protection and comfort.

S100 batting helmets for baseball: Some facts
There are some main models of the S100 batting helmets – the single and double earflap. But there isn’t any flapless version available, which makes it impossible for catchers and base coaches to wear it. Also it is good to know that the S100 batting helmets are not eliminating all of the other MLB helmet models, so that means that the players will be able to choose which one they will be wearing.
There are some people who say that the paintjob of the S100 batting helmets is very ugly, but Rawlings (the company who produces it) says that they are working to improve it.

S100 batting helmets for baseball: People’s opinions
Like every other product there is, the S100 batting helmets have many reviews done by people who own them. On the official website of the company manufacturer – Rawlings there are very positive reviews, like for example from two fathers who feel more comfortable when their child is wearing it. Also there you can find the opinion of a physician who have also bought S100 batting helmet. Almost every person who has bought S100 batting helmet recommends you to buy it, so my advice is to think about that.


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