Get to know the European Union

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Every country in it gets certain benefits and gives better life for its citizens. The main purpose of the European Union is to ensure the free movements of people, goods and capital all over its boundaries. This union is acting as a country with its own laws and own currency- the Euro. Also the European Union has its government in which every country in it has its own representatives.
The European Union is considered to be a newly created organization, but its routs are dating from 1950. At the very beginning the European Union was called European Steel and Coal Community and there were 6 countries in it – Belgium, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands and West Germany. The creator of that community was the French foreign minister Robert Schuman. At 1958 on the base of that community the European Economic Community was created. The purpose of that community is to bring about economic integration between Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg and Netherlands. Since 1967 this community included European Coal and Steel Community and European Atomic Energy Community. The European Economic Community is considered to be one of the pillars of the European Union which was created as we know it in 1993.
The European Union is one of the most powerful economic organizations these days. It includes 27 member states. The territory of the union is not the same as Europe, but now it has intentions of growing. The member states are France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Luxemburg, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Cyprus and Malta.
The European Union has its own government and laws. The union is divided into three main areas of responsibility called pillars. The first pillar of the European Union is consisted of the
European Community policies, second one are consisted from Common Foreign and Security policy and the third one of Justice and Home affairs. Some of the main institutions of the European Union are the European commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the European Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance. The European commission is considered to be the motor of the European Union and it is main duties are to act solely in the interests of the union. The European Parliament is also very important institution in the European Union and its main duties are to form one half of the Unions legislature. The other half is formed by the Council of the European Union which is consisted of government minister chosen by every member state. The European Court of Justice and Court of First Instance for the judicial branch of the European Union and they are meant to apply the treaties and the laws of the union


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