Enhance Your Home Décor with Decorative Chinese Boxes

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The orient is known for its rich colors in reds, green, blues and gold. These colors can add a touch of elegance to your home’s interior. Decorative Chinese boxes can add a little mysterious spice without overwhelming the room.
Styles of Decorative Chinese Boxes
Decorative Chinese boxes come in various styles and can serve many purposes. Some decorative Chinese boxes are very ornate with scenes in beautiful jewel tones while other boxes are actually inlaid with ivory and precious jewels. Still other boxes have a very simple uncluttered style in more subdued colors. Most Chinese boxes incorporate the color red into their design. In the Chinese culture, the color red symbolizes many different qualities such as courage, honor, loyalty, success, fortune, fertility, happiness, and passion to name a few. The red may be a bright red or a toned down subtle color of red.
Practical Uses for Decorative Chinese Boxes
Chinese boxes were often used for jewelry boxes while other decorative Chinese boxes were used to store tea, coffee, and sometimes rice. Today, the same style of decorative Chinese boxes can be used for the same purposes but decorative boxes are so versatile that they can also be used to store many things. You could use Chinese decorative boxes in the living room to store your TV remote controls, put a pen and paper in one and set it by the phone, use a decorative Chinese box as a candy dish, or store your spare pair of reading glasses in it. Put Chinese boxes in the bedroom to store your car keys, keep one for your spare change, or put your watch and other pieces of jewelry that you wear on a daily basis in a decorative box. Chinese boxes can be used in the bathroom for cotton balls, Q-tips, hair pins, and make up. Chinese boxes in the kitchen can be used to store tea bags, coffee, or cookies. You can even give these decorative Chinese boxes as a unique gift to a friend who has an interest in Chinese home décor.
How to add Decorative Chinese Boxes for home decor
There are many ideas for using these decorative Chinese boxes for your home décor. These Chinese boxes can be useful but they can also serve as a decorative centerpiece. The Chinese boxes that have various colors in them can be used to bring a home décor color scheme together. A colorful decorative Chinese box in a neutral toned living room can help you add bright patches of color for a little spice. Pull the reds, greens and blues from the decorative Chinese boxes and repeat them in pillows, curtains, rugs, and throws. Mirror the colors in a silk flower arrangement in your home for an oriental decorative style. The use of color from these boxes will pull the room together and give your home decor a new breath of life. Solid subdued reds work well in a room with lots of wood. You can use the decorative Chinese boxes separately or use a set of stacked boxes, lined up largest to smallest to lead the eye to the focal point in your living room or bedroom.
As you can see, many things can be accomplished with decorative Chinese boxes. Whether using a decorative box for practical uses, to give a Chinese decorative box as a gift or to add a punch of color to your home décor, these boxes can add a unique style to a home.


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