What to do when you want to start getting rid of acne?

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Some of those things may seem irrelevant, but they are from great importance in the fight with the acne.
First thing you should avoid is picking, pressing and rubbing your pimples. If you do so, you are risking spreading the bacteria all over your face and also you are increasing the chances of scarring. Another important thing you should remember is not to rest your chin on your hands or constantly touch your face, also keep in mind that tight sweatbands and chin straps from baseball caps and sports equipment can have the same effect.
Second you may use some products containing benzoyl peroxide once or twice a day. It helps break up the plug of dead skin cells, bacteria and oil that clogs the pore and it cuts down on the bacteria. You should start with the lowest concentration, which is a 2.5 percent or 5 percent lotion or gel once a day. After a week, you should increase to twice a day, for example on morning and at night, only if it doesn’t irritate your skin.
There are some other products you should try for getting rid of acne, they must contain sulfur and/or resorcinol and those products will also help unplug oil glands by irritating the skin. However, most dermatologists believe that benzoyl peroxide is the most effective ingredient in the products for acne.
Very important for getting rid of acne is to go easy on your face. Washing removes oils from the surface of the skin, but not within the plugged ducts. Remember that if you’re too aggressive in your quest for cleanliness, you may end up drying out or irritating the sensitive skin on your face. To avoid this you should wash properly once or twice a day, using a soap or non soap cleanser labelled “mild” or “for sensitive skin”, also you should rub lightly with your fingertips and warm water.
Last but not least you should try exfoliating for getting rid of acne. This refers to removing the top layer of dead skin cells using a rough washcloth or specially designed product. But remember that skin with acne is already irritated and scrubbing can make things worse. Don’t use brushes, rough sponges, clothes, cleansers with granules or walnut hulls on the delicate facial skin. Exfoliating may be used for the back and chest, where skin is less sensitive. There you may try one of the acne scrub pads along with soap.


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