What are the ways to grow longer eyelashes

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There are 2 main options between you can choose the exact way to grow longer eyelashes.
The First on is the natural way. Mainly it is consisted of procedures including for example applying special natural lubricants ( mainly olive oil and petroleum, this is made to help keep the eyelashes moisturized and healthy and also to stimulate the eyelash re-grow ), applying vitamin E oil (that vitamin is responsible for all of the human hair growth and the actual appliance must be done with special eyelash brush), trimming (this natural way is considered by some people main in eyelash growth stimulation) and by also by keeping a prober diet and drinking more water ( that way you will be able to protect yourself from some of the main reasons for the eyelashes to fall – vitamin deficiency and also will help you maintain your whole body healthy). Those ways are very good for some people who may have some allergic reactions to some of the medications or do not want to experience the medicine’s side effects.
The second way to grow longer eyelashes can be called synthetic or by using proper medication. The most popular medicine that helps accelerate the eyelashes growth circle is called Lumigan. This medicine was originally designed for glaucoma and it was discovered by accident by some patients who were having larger eyelashes when have used that medicine. Nowadays this medicine can be given to you by your personal physician through prescription. It is produced in various ways and it has some particular side effects like for example darkening the area around the eye and also making changes in the coloring of the eye.
Some important things you should also keep in mind when starting to grow longer eyelashes are for example give them a break from mascara (manly because the mascara weights down the eyelashes causing them to break and fall off, also keep in mind that you need to certainly remove any makeup before going to bed), keep them moisturized ( the eyelashes are often getting dry, that is why it is good to put some Vaseline on them in the morning and before you go to bed ) and the third thing you are advised to do is investing some money into an eyelash growth system (this may come for a high price, but it is worth it).


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