How does eyelashes grow exactly?

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This cycle is particularly same as that on every other part of the human’s hair.
The most important thing about the eyelashes is that they have the ability to re-grow. This part of that cycle takes between 4 to 8 weeks to be fully completed if there are normal circumstances. Also there are some certain things you need to know about how quick does eyelashes grow. This fact mainly depends on the kind of the accident if for example the area around the eye is damaged this may take about 2 years for the eyelashes to fully re-grow. For increasing that process you may also consider taking some vitamins, mainly vitamin E. Also another important reason for eyelashes to fall is vitamin deficiency and stress. In such case you are advised to contact a doctor, because he will know what to do exactly.
Some of the other probable reasons for the eyelashes the fall are the so called eyelash traumas. Such are for example plucking and burning, other are illnesses or genetic disorders.
Some of the most important things to prevent such eyelash loss are taking the proper care. This includes using mascara with special conditioner (this way helps you to keep your eyelashes moisturized and healthy, some people specially recommend using petroleum jelly), gently removing the mascara or any other eye makeup (this way helps to keep your eyelashes clean and healthy., also you protect them from mites, who make the eyelashes to fall out ), refrain from rubbing or scratching your eyes ( this harsh motion is considered to be one of the main reasons for eyelashes to fall out) and also you must drink plenty of water (helps to promote and boost the eyelashes grow and also provide some minerals needed by the human’s body).
Also you must keep away from performing some actions and products. Some most dangerous actions for eyelashes are you must not rub your eyelashes and avoid the steam from the shower or the sauna for example and also one of the products you should avoid is waterproof mascara.
Also if you want to make your eyelashes grow faster you may need some special products, also known as lash conditioners, eyelash growth serums, eyelash accelerators and stimulators. Some of the most popular of them are made by RenewLash, Revitalash and LiLash. Those brands have proven their efficiency by many people who have tested them.


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