Do You Know How To Grow Eyelashes

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Getting bigger eyelashes, mainly between women, is considered to be sign of beauty. Before you get yourself to such intervention, you need to get informed.

First thing you need to know is that the eyelashes are very important part of the human body. Their main purpose is to protect the human’s eye. Also important thing you need to know about how to grow your eyelashes is that they like every other human’s hair are keeping up with particular growth cycle and it can’t be changed that easy.

Some other things you need to certainly know about how to grow eyelashes are the 2 main ways to do that. The first intervention is natural it include some practices involving non-chemical products. Such practices are applying olive oil (with a particular eyelash brush),improving your diet (keeping up with a healthy way of life) and applying natural lubricants (mostly vitamin E oil or Vaseline). The second type of intervention can be the done with proper medications. These are mainly synthetic chemicals made with particular ingredients to help eyelash growth. Some of the most popular medicine is made to brush into the eyelash and was also discovered by an accident when glaucoma patients noticed they have longer eyelashes after using their glaucoma medicine. This medicine is prostaglandin analog and also it altered so that can be applied to the eyelashes.

Also important in learning how to grow eyelashes is that you must also trim them regularly. This way you will stimulate their growth and probably they will get larger. If you somehow during this procedure loose an eyelash you must not worry, because eyelashes have tendency to regrow back. This part of the growth cycle of the eyelashes is taking between 4 to 8 weeks to be fully completed.

Last but not least you need to be informed about the particular brands and ingredients of the eyelashes treatment chemicals. That part of knowing how to grow eyelashes is very important, because you will need to get the best and also keep yourself from allergic reactions. Another important thing you need to know about eyelashes medicine are the side effects. For example the side effects of the medicine called Lumigan (the most popular medicine for stimulating eyelash growth) are darkening the skin around the eyes and also changing the color of the eye.


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