Making money with google!

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Google has been around for awhile now, and they’re success is second to none on the web! What started out as a search engine has evolved into major internet-based corporation. They host websites, launch advertising campaigns for anyone with a website, merchandize, develop software, and host the worlds’ largest and most used search device.

I use nothing but Google when I surf the web… I even enjoy Google Chrome. I also use Google Adsense on my WebPages and Online Articles like this one. They also host three of my websites! These are some of my few reasons why I love Google so much, and why I use it every day. Did you know that Google was started in a garage? And now is the largest web-based corporation in the world! Microsoft was going to buy, and then they remembered Google has more money than they do.

My favorite thing about Google is the Adsense feature. It’s how I make my money on the internet, and a lot of other people do, too. The great thing about Adsense is that people use Google so much, that they run into your ads all the time, and clicking on them makes you some cash. It is the best third-party advertising system out there, and it keeps growing.

The reason why Google Adsense is so successful is because of Google Adwords. Adwords is the opposite of Adsense, you pay for a certain limit daily for your ad, and Google finds the perfect website as the match based on relevant content. Your ad about computer games isn’t going to show up on a website about fitness. So with the combination of Adsense/Adwords, you can set your daily spend limit to just under what you make with Adsense and get free advertising plus income, it’s perfect!

With Google anything on the internet is possible.


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