Water in Haiti

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January 09, 2010.

Specially designed chlorine tablets that were dry helped accomplish this amazing breakthrough, these tablets came from Arch Chemicals Inc of Norwalk, Connecticut.  Its amazing how things can change for other countries in need.

A of May 2006, Washington, D.C. basses some International Action while working with a Haitian group, DIo Pwop which means “Clean Water” in Creole has installed 100 water bassed chlorinaors in 23 of the pooest neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, which provided the communities with fresh, clean and healthy water for the very first time.

These special Norweco tablet chlorinators operate on gravity flow of water from the city or neirby village water sources like rivers and streams, thus making them require no electricity, which is rare in these parts of Haiti.  These chlorinators are simple to install, trouble-free to maintain and easy to operate.  There is no community plumbing in Haiti and this makes water distribution easier then carrying buckets to retrieve their water from one source each day.

These “purifiers” use an Arch Chemical that are comprised of calcuim hypochlorite, which these chemicals are widely used in cleaning or disinfecting drinking water all around the world.  The Arch Chemicals come at a really reasonable cost, and International Action’s chlorine costs are less than $50 per month, which this cost serves and protects drinking water for over 50,000 residents.  This is surprising at how much the cost is and how much less they have to pay to protect so many people.

In summary, International Action, as well as the technologies and gracious expertise of Norweco and Arch Chemicals are demonstrating the prime example of how companies using the right technologies can help to society ad make the livs of those in need, more common and up to date.

-Zachary Daniel King


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