How To Raise A Happy Teenager

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Be available: They need you just as much as they did when they were toddlers except in different way.

Tell them how much you love them each day.

Don’t smother them with too many questions instead ask just enough so they know you are interested in them and what their doing.

Be sure to encourage independence.

Avoid answers of “No” with no explanations. Be sure to give a reason as its much more accepted and understood.

Learn to listen – try to drop everything when they need to talk. Give eye contact and full attention. Concentrate on what their saying. Don’t change the subject and do more listening than talking.

Avoid nagging. Know when to be less intrusive.

If someone compliments you about your teen share this with your teen. Its a confidence builder.

Be sure to give praise and to point out their gifts and great qualities.

Remember to tell them “Good Night”.

Teach them the importance of maintaining a vehicle with keeping the interior clean, checking the fluids in the engine and air in the tires.

Teach them defensive driving.

Teach them about protecting themselves by talking about possible scenarios.

When the timing is right share with them some stories about funny things when you were their age.

Allow them to experience with making their own decisions.

As they become older and show increased responsibility and maturity give them more freedom.

Ask yourself ” Will this really matter in 6 months or in a year”? I remember both of my children loving their pacifier when they were babies and everyone giving me advise to take it away from them. I never did understand this since it was my belief that I had never seen a college student with their pacifier. They eventually give it up on their own. Relax a bit!


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