To Stop Cigarettes From Controlling Your Life, Try This New system

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Do you need to stop cigarettes from running and destroying your life? Of course you do. I’m sure you are privy to the health advantages of quitting smoking. But often this data is not enough. You need a technique to help stop smoking once and for all.

cigarette smoking is devastating to all facets of your vitality. Most smokers already know this but they still continue to smoke. Many smokers struggle to give up trying time and again to kick their smoking habit only to light up again after a month, a week, even a day. They need so badly to stop smoking but they just can’t appear to do it. Why is this?

Smoking addiction is a two headed monster : physical addiction and psychological cravings. Your body builds an addiction to nicotine as you continue to smoke. You also develop a psychological addiction to the particular act of smoking and everything it implies to you.

The physical addiction to nicotine really passes inside less than a week. As nicotine passes out of your system your physical addiction subsides. Breaking the physical addiction to nicotine is, shockingly, the straightforward part of giving up smoking.

Breaking the psychological longings to smoking can be much tougher. Smoking weaves its way into the fabric of your life. It becomes a habit that you associate with many actions and emotions that are part of your life. After you quit smoking you may go somewhere or experience an emotion that will make your subconscious whisper, or often even scream to you ‘Hey, it’s time to have a cigarette!’ This is the moment that causes most smokers to reach for a fag again.

But there’s a strategy that can help to quiet the voice of your subconscious. You can go thru your life as an ex-smoker never experiencing the psychological longings to smoke.

This system is known as NLP, or Neuro Linguistic programming. It’s a treatment system which has been around for decades. Recently it’s been applied as a stop smoking method with superb results. NLP works by targeting and destroying the mental longings, or urges, to smoke. Once these longings are gone giving up smoking actually becomes really easy. You can go about your business without that annoying voice in your head informing you it is time for a cigarette.

In a study, five thousand smokers used an NLP strategy targeted to help them give up smoking. Half a year later 97.2% of them were still smoke-free. That success rate is fantastic compared with other stop smoking assists or medications.

NLP is a good way to stop cigarettes because it is an all natural technique with no side-effects associated with quit smoking medications. NLP techniques can be practiced in your house with the employment of a simple audio session.

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