How to prepare for a job interview

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  • First and foremost, be confident of your skills and capabilities. Be honest.

  • Get as much information about the company for which you are being interviewed.

  • Get as much information about the job profile. If you are well able to understand the job description, and summarize the same when asked then it will display your interest in the job. The interviewer will feel that you are keen and eager about the position to be offered.

  • Show inclination towards the job not desperation even if you are.
  • Always wear formal clothes and reach on time. Do not try to be extra careful of your attire as it would signify lack of confidence. 
  • Do not bluff. If you have been asked a question that you do not in understand ask for clarification. In case you do not know the answer to a question, say politely that you do not know it. The interviewer does not expect 100% answers from you. Had this been the case then you would have been there instead of him.

  • Be ready with some stats and figures. Interviewers get impressed with numbers but make sure they are accurate and you are well aware of what you are speaking else do not attempt to utter those figures.

  • Be systematic in your answers. Interviewer may not necessarily look at the right/perfect answers but the approach and the logic that you might give.

  • Try to be positive about your experiences, your boss, team members. That would also reflect your capabilities of operating in a team environment and your acceptability towards collaboration and team task. Many organizations lay a lot of emphasis on team players.

  • Sometimes the interviewer(s) try to judge you on aspects like patience, stress handling and confidence. They might put you one question after another or many interviewers may blast with questions at the same time. Do not panic. Answer one at a time and then come to another. This will display you approach towards handling things. And managing in a stressful environment.

  • Do not hesitate to ask questions about the profile, job timings, location and salary when you feel the interview is about to close.


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