The Eagle – Symbolic of God’s Nature

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Benjamin Franklin once lobbied for the turkey as the National symbol. I am glad we went from a bird as prey to a bird of prey. I would also say one of pray. There is significance in that fact and in United States history for this nation has soared like an eagle. If you have ever watched an eagle soar, it is nearly motionless and stationary. This absolute lack of movement makes it naked to the eyes of it’s prey. This majestic bird may have a wingspans over 8 feet, weighing up to 15 pounds and live to 40 years. They reside in both the United States and in Palestine. They are the most attentive parents and perhaps the greatest teachers of their young among all bird species. Like doves, they will remain monogamous until death. The more we understand eagles, the more we can understand that the eagle is a relevant references to God. This is all part of the perfect will and divine plan of His.

Under His Wings

God refers to Himself as an eagle for several different reasons (Ish. 4:6, Ruth 2:12, Pslm 91:1-4). Eagles represent sovereignty and supremacy. How fitting since God is the real ruler of kings and presidents (Dan. 2:20-21/5:18-21, Prov. 8:15-16, Rom. 13:1-2). But they also represent self-sacrifice. During times of food shortages, an eagle will tear off part of it’s own flesh and blood to prevent it’s young from starving to death. Even to the point of one of the mates own death. I see the relationship between the Father and Jesus (tearing off His own flesh and blood to save us from death).

When the mother believes it is time to leave the nest, she will “kick” the baby eagles from the nest. As they begin to tumble, it is the Father Eagle who will swoop around them (above and below) showing them how to take flight. They are comforted by the Father’s constant encouragement and therefore, will learn to fly on their own.

Under His Cover

Talk about God having us covered! God shadows us (Psl 36:7, 63:7, 91:1-4, I King 8:7), covers us (Psl 91:1-4), hides us (Psl 17:8) and is even under us (Psl 36:7). So God is really over us (upholding us by His grace thru trials), by our side (covering our flank, ensuring our salvation, feeding us), under Him (ruling, directing our steps) and can even hide us when necessary (from persecution…Satan?). This is equal to a 360 degree, three-dimensional shape around us. Once you are saved, this bubble of protection, care and nurturing is yours. This blessed assurance of eternal life is then permanent (Jhn 10:28-29). I pray the reader is saved and safely under the wings of the Eagle, there to remain forever.


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