Looking for Joy

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People are always looking for ways to have joy in their everyday life. Many people look all their lives for joy and fulfillment in their daily lives. Some people get their fulfillment from family members like a spouse or children. This type of fulfillment is based on an inner desire to be wanted and to be accepted by others.

This type fulfillment also makes a person want to live through other people by serving them such as tending to their needs and wants. This type fulfillment is what most people call a mothers instinct. A mother’s instinct is a desire and want or feeling built into women to nurture. This nurture type fulfillment was built into every woman on the face of this earth and was implanted into women because of the role they would play.

The role they play is that of child birth because of the sin that they brought upon themselves. God knew that because of the sin of Eve and Adam that both would have to be expelled from the Garden of Eden and both suffer because of their disobedient action of not obeying God. Thus as I mentioned before women would have children and men would have to work the land.

I inserted that small bit of information in the last paragraph for a little history lesson to those who don’t know why women and men act, live, and seek joy the way they do. Now back to the subject of joy, fulfillment, desire, and nurture all these things are linked together and normally determine the level of joy a person enjoys during the life of an individual.

The search for joy is a thing all people want and need in their lives as I stated at the begging of this exploration of joy. Let us now explore the concepts of joy such as the nurture type of joy. We all know that as I mentioned that women have a nurture instinct built within them.

Men also have a similar instinct built within them and that is one of being a provider. Men get joy from making good income, providing safety in the home and with a long term financial security like retirement, health insurance and life insurance. Men also get joy and fulfillment from being with their wife and children. Some men get joy and fulfillment from hunting, fishing, racing, football, basketball, and many other various types of self satisfying things that may bring them joy or fulfillment.

Women have things other than childbirth that give them joy and fulfillment like shopping, having their hair done, finger nails manicured, toe nails manicured, feet and heels scrubbed, spas and baths, massages, lotions and perfumes, tanning beds, rings and necklaces, make up, face lift, breast lift, butt lift, tummy tucks and many other various types of self satisfying things that bring them joy and fulfillment.

These basic instincts we have as humans can affect our levels of joy. But the only way we as humans will truly find true joy,fullfillment and peace is to put Jesus first every day of our lifes. In Matthew 6:33 the bible instructs us to seek Jesus first and the work of his kingdom and if we put him first then he will provide, help and fullfill our needs such as joy and those things that give us joy.


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