Giving Back Online

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It is more blessed to give than receive is what the bible teaches. With that opening statement is what this article is going to cover by listing ways people can give through different websites. is a website like eBay and Amazon or other websites where you can buy and sell online. This website has auctions for toys, tickets, travel or others items that are being sold by national and local nonprofit organizations to raise money. You can search by category, charity or state. A portion of your bid will help benefit a good cause. is a website where you can choose your charity and the markmakers foundation will forward the donation for you. There are many good causes to choose from. is a website that helps K12 public schools with supplies like paper, pens, books, pencils or other schools related things to include field trips. You will receive a thank you letter from students and a report from the teacher. is a website that you link the retailer that you buy from to and a percentage of you purchases will be donated to your favorite cause. This site has 43,000 charities to choose from and 700 online stores to choose from. Some stores will donate more of a percentage to your charity than others may. is a website that pairs donors with organizations and community based projects. This website will also match your donation. is a website that has 50,000 local, national and international nonprofit organizations to choose from that need help. is a website that lets you browse for real people with real needs. You can donate through PayPal or credit card. is a website where you can donate your time and effort by working online helping translating documents, drafting proposals, e-mailing, or press releases for international charities. is a website that works like a search engine and every time you search the internet you will make your charity money. This website donates half of its revenue to good causes. is a website that is like a search engine and every time you use this site for a search it will donate a penny for each search. You can also play games on this website. is a website associated with eBay and requires a $50.00 loan and a two year investment and in return you can earn 2% to 3% interest. is a website where you do quizzes like math, vocabulary, geography and other subjects to make points for your donations on this site. This site donates 20 grains of rice for every answer you get right to the United Nations World Food Program.

Check all these websites out and do your own research each one to see the one or ones you may want to contribute to. I hope this list will be helpful to those who are looking for ways to give of their time, money and effort to others in need.


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