How To Go Green With Electronics

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Home electronics account for about 5% of energy use in the American families household. Believe it or not 40%
of the energy used is when the electronics aren’t even running and are turned “off”. Many people have started to unplug the electronics they don’t use on a regular basis so they can avoid the expense involved with non-operating equipment. Read the following tips of things you can do to become “greener” with owning electronics.

When shopping for a computer or computer monitor, consider an LCD monitor instead
of a CRT since they use half the energy to operate.

Find out if the manufacturer offers a recycling program. Electronics contain
toxic chemicals which can be harmful to your health and the environment since
the toxins leak into the soil and ground water when disposed in landfills.

Purchase a smaller size television screen rather than a larger one since this
will cut down on the large amount of energy the bigger ones use.
Also, an LCD screen uses far less energy than a plasma television.

Purchase rechargeable batteries for your digital camera instead of alkaline
or lithium since these are greener and less expensive.

Purchasing digital camerad and camcorders that don’t operate with recording tapes since the cost to purchase and the amount going into landfills will be less when having photos and videos on the computer.

Look at the information listed on the attached tags to find out how that particular item rates with the amount of energy it consumes.

Other tips:

Be sure to unplug electronics your not using on a regular basis. If its fairly easy for you to plug and unplug electronics that you do use regularly, consider unplugging these during down times.


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