Use Google Adsense To Increase Your Webpage and Your Blogs Revenue

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Two Step Before Apply Google Adsense Account

Step 1
What to do: Build a blog, if you does not have a website (recommend- If you have your website URL already you can go to apply the Google Adsense directly.
Reason: You need to use the URL to register in Google Adsense later.
Example URL:

Step 2
What to do: Create some contents in your blog or your webpages.
Reason: They might check to confirm that your blog/website are active.

Step by Step Register Google Adsense Account

Step 1 Website Information
What to do: Only list one website URL on the box, select the language you want, and click the 2 box to agree the term.

Step 2 Contact Information
What to do: There are two types of account, if you choose individual account mean the payment check will pay to your name, and if you choose the business types mean they will pay for your company name.
Next, fill in the information, and make sure the information is correct because Google will send the pay check to the address you give them.
Remember your payee name should match will your bank account name.

Step 3 Policies
What to do: You should read the policies and they need you to agree all the policies before you can submit the application form.

Step 4
What to do: Google will ask you about to know that if you have a gmail account. If you have a gmail account, you can choose to use that account jon with your Google Adsense account. If you don’t have a gmail account, you can open a new gmail account to receive the confirmation email.

Step 5
Submit the Information and wait for 1-2 day working days (In my case I have wait for 5 days)

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