Battling Depression

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According to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, relief of your symptoms is only the first step in overcoming depression. Recovery from depression is a battle that will not be won by taking an anti-depressant alone. You need to fight to get your life back to where it was before depression entered into it.

Therapy is very important in the road to recovery. Finding a therapist that you trust and feel comfortable talking to can take time but you need to keep looking until you find the right match for you.

Part of the battle is your will. You must want to get better. Anti-depressants can help but alone they are not going to cure you.

The true cause of depression has not been proven. Although doctors and researchers feel that depression happens because certain brain chemicals are not being produced correctly, there is not enough proof of that to say that is the one cause.

Some believe it is a combination of these chemicals not being right and a person’s ability to deal with stressful situations or a reaction to a traumatic event that causes depression.

Successful treatment of depression involves taking an anti-depressant and therapy. You should keep your appointments with your doctor while you are adjusting to the medication and report all, if any, side effects you may have. It may not be necessary to be on medication long-term. You and your doctor should be partners in your recovery from depression.

Having friends to give you support while you battle depression is important. Many times people are ashamed to admit that they suffer from depression. If more people spoke up about depression, lives could be changed. Do not suffer in silence. Find someone that you trust to share this with and help to encourage you while you work to get better.

Depression is treatable but you must seek out help in order to get well. Depression that is left untreated can lead to self-medicating with illegal drugs or alcohol. Depression that is ignored can often lead to suicidal thoughts and behavior.

Depression happens to many people, although not everyone talks about their personal experience with depression. There is no shame in getting help in order to feel good about life again.

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