How to Mend a Broken Relationship

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  1. 12 Steps to Serenity:

    Yes, this is the 12 Steps to Serenity that is used in combating alcoholism and other addictions. It can be used to help mend a life inflicted with an addiction and dysfunctional relationships. It can also help to keep those on a safe and productive path.

  2. Healing Steps:

    Take healing steps by admitting your mistakes the relationships you wish to mind. Do not concern yourself with the mistakes of others. The object here is to make yourself a better person. To improve your own self worth.

  3. Make Amends:

    Try to make amends for the mistakes that you have made when and only when it will not cause any further pain and suffering. Sometimes you cannot right what has been wronged but there are times when admitting that you were wrong, apologizing with true sincerity, and seeking forgiveness is enough. Sometimes it is better just left along. But if the person is truly important to you, it would be worth a try.

  4. Show Love and Devotion for the Relationship:

    Continue to show the other person the relationship is important. Show that the relationship is worth the effort to keep it going. Show that there is love still for that person and that you are devoted and dedicated to bettering that relationship.

  5. Keep Your Eye On What is Important:

    Do not become so obsessed with what is in the past that you neglect the present. Mend what you can mend and let fate take its course. Trying to force something to be may cause resentment instead.

These are tips that can help you mend a faltering relationship. The relationship can be a marriage, lovers, or beloved friends. All that is required to truly make things work out is desire and sincerity.


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