How to Practice for the Series 7 Exam

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*I also have another Bukisa article..”How to Pass the Series 7 Exam” for anyone who needs a more in depth guide on how to pass the exam.

Step 1)

First, I recommend purchasing the Practice Exam software from Training Consultants ( or toll-Free:(800)339-3445). They have, from my experience, the best practice exams to prepare you for the real exam. I was personally amazed at how well they prepared me when I was studying for the Series 7, the software is amazing and trust me it works! The questions you will see on these Practice Exams are extremely accurate, up to date, and similar to the questions on the actual exam. After finishing all their practice exams (there are 7 of them), you will be ready to take the real exam and hopefully pass with a score of 80 or better. By purchasing Training Consultants, you will get access to online, custom generated practice exams that will simulate the real exam experience on the computer. This will let you practice taking the exam, timing yourself and focusing on the information which is VERY important. The software on Training Consultant’s site is $125 and worth every penny.

Of course, you don’t have to purchase the above software in order to effectively practice for the Series 7. I just highly recommend Training Consultants after using them to take the Series 7 and would like everyone to benefit from them. If you do not purchase Training Consultants’ practice software, stick with the study materials you already have. Most Series 7 books will have practice questions and exams in them.

Step 2)

During the last month before your exam, you should be practicing questions and taking practice exams. You should take at least 5-7 practice exams (one practice exam is 125 questions) before you take the real exam, whether it be from the Training Consultants’ software, or from another Series 7 book. Before taking a practice exam, make sure to find a quiet spot where you can concentrate. You are timed just like the real exam, and will have 3 hours to finish one half. (NOTE* the real exam is two 3 hour sections but for the practice exams, you can just take one section) So set aside a 3 hour period and sit down in at the computer and take one practice exam all the way through, not taking a break. After you finish, go back through ALL the questions and figure out why you got the question right or wrong.

Step 3)

You should try and take 1 or 2 practice exams per week, during the last month before your exam. After you take each exam, go back through the questions and find the areas you a weak in, then go back and study these areas. If you purchased the Training Consultants’ practice software, it will show you the specific areas that you are weak in.

Step 4)

Remember that taking practice exams is the BEST way to prepare you for the real exam. You already know the information and have it stuck in your head, now it is time to make sure you can apply it. Also, taking practice exams will get you very familiar with the information and allow for answers to pop into your head on the day of the real exam.

Step 5)

Once you have taken at least 5-7 practice exams and are getting a score of at least 80% on them, you should be ready for the real exam. Remember these tips below.

– You should recognize all the information on the practice exams.
– Study the areas that you are weak in.
– Time yourself on the practice exams to make sure you are getting used to the 3 hour time limit on the real exam.
– Make sure you are able to answer the math questions on the exam, 1/4 of the Series 7 involves math!



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