Obama & Health Care Bill

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In the beginning of school last year i feeling happy that there was a democrat in the white house finally calling the shoot. This in all honesty was because of the horrible year i had under Bush’s handling of the USA. I was praying to god that either Hilary or Obama won the primaries and when Obama did i knew everything was going to alright. The only thing that could make it better is if Obama had made Hilary his VP nominee. Sadly that was not what he did but hay he choose Joe Bidenjust as good. With the way I see how Obama is handling the the economic crisis & the continuing black balling of the Health Care Reform Bill. I makes me completely sure that we choose the right people for the job.

At the end of 2009 Obama did what he need to get the Health Care Bill to be passed in the House and onto Congress. Right now he’s working with Democrats in both houses of Congress to merge their two versions of health reform. Dont miss understand im not completely sold on the Health Care Bill but i really think that this is what we really need right now. If there wore more republicans trying to make compromises with the bill instead of fighting it then they could probably do some actual do some good. I dont know why when a president from a Democratic or a Republican the opposing side has to put there views a head of what is actually a benefit for the people.

List Of What America Needs

  1. End Of The War in Iraq- Waste of money that could be spent on changing the economy around.
  2. Find A Good Alternative Fuel To Replace Oil and Gasoline- Price are to high in some states in other they just seem to be unstable.
  3. Government Health Care – Make it optional or what ever i need to pass but just have it, so we dont regret not having it.

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