The Valuable Use Of Netbooks

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Netbooks are a great little invention that allows more options for students and people who just want to carry around something smaller. The netbook is smaller than a laptop but bigger than a Smartphone which make it the perfect size for a vast majority of people. There are some netbooks that are selling well making them great buys.

Netbooks are smaller than laptops. The screen sit around 10 inches and the frame around the netbook are also smaller. The smaller size allows for easier transportation which is great for commuters who want to use the internet while on the bus or train. There they can comfortably surf the net and stay connected with friends using something small enough to be portable and not be bulky like a laptop.

The Netbook is also bigger than a Smartphone. Smart phones are awesome but can be tricky when you want to email and check the internet in a comfortable way. Sometimes you want bigger keys to press and a larger screen to view. A netbook allows for easy access to the internet while at cafes and book stores, where you might want to lay something on the table beside a book or coffee.

Lots of accessories can be added to a netbook. There are security locks that can be purchase, anti-virus such as the 2010 version designed for netbooks, there are also netbook cases and sleeves. You can also find them in many colors, which makes it easier to customize into your lifestyle.

Having wireless internet right at your fingertips is one of the great things about having a netbook. And many of them come with ample storage space for saving pictures and loading applications. The battery life of netbooks is often longer than a laptop which makes it more travel friendly. With an Intel processor, the netbook makes it easy to stay connected with friends or carry on with business when you are traveling.

There are several models that are selling well. The Samsung 10.1 Intel atom N270 1.6 GHz, is popular and stylish. It comes with a beautiful LED back lit LCD and 250 GB of storage.

Another top selling netbook is the MSI Wind 10 inch Intel atom N280 1.66 GHz. It has a great battery life and offers all the convenience of having a netbook. The Acer Aspire 10.1 Intel atom N270 1.6GHz has excellent power and lots of storage offering 160GB.

Choosing the right netbook comes down to personal choice. There are many different features in a netbook, but you really have to dig down deep and realize what you need and what is important. If having more storage space is your priority then ensures that you get one that has the maximum amount that you will need. However if having a larger screen size is an issue than purchase a netbook with a bigger screen.

Prices range from a few hundred dollars to four and five hundred dollars. Sometimes you are simply paying for a name brand, while other times you are getting more features and better quality. Check out store sales to get a great quality netbook at a discount price. You can also try talking down a sales staff member to see if you can get a lower price when you are buying your netbook. Saving money on your netbook will make you feel great about using it.

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