Soft Landing 2010. Doing Business in China

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What is needed for American Businessmen to begin doing business in China is a soft landing.  A soft landing would be a way to break into the markets in China that is less stressful and traumatic.  The proposal on how to create soft landing involves establishing a business school in China taught by and English speaking MBA who is fluent in Mandarin.  Imagine learning the customs, eating the food, learning the language, meeting the local businessmen in a comfortable America friendly environment.

Some of the worlds markets are closed to American business.  Laws, language, customs are some of things that can make it hard to break into a foreign market.  Part of the concept of a soft landing is to have an experienced and friendly businessman on the ground that will help visitors navigate the legal and cultural thicket of a new market.

Often the businessman who shows the most initiative gets the deal.  Imagine after being introduced to the some of the local businessmen by your host, being able to introduce yourself in Mandarin.  Now that shows initiative.  This is why having a school in China that shows the newcomer the ropes and begins his education into speaking the Chinese language can be so valuable.

What would make a business opportunity like the one described even more valuable would be if the business/language school had some instructors who had actually done business in other Asian countries.  This could mean that the students would have entre into other Asian countries and the businesses there.  In business few things are more valuable than good contacts.

Given that that the only thing keeps in the US government afloat is money borrowed form China, it is a simple matter of self preservation for American business to want to start businesses in China.

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