Super Bowl: A culture in it self

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We have all heard of it. Most of us have seen it, maybe several times. Some of us even follow it and anticipate its arrival every year.

Whether it is Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys or New England Patriots who are playing is getting more and more in the background of this event. With a record breaking number of viewers in 2008 with more than 97 million American viewers in average and 148,3 million watching it all or part of it. The Super Bowl has become a great trademark for NFL, for America and a great business.

With the 2009 Super Bowl breaking a record grossed advertising sales of $206 million dollars in a time of global financial crisis. That makes one wonder, where we might end? When will the Super Bowl become one big commercial? Already every little break in the game is filled with commercials or the camera quickly focusing on some of the stadium ads or commercial partners.

Even the halftime shows seems more and more like a long commercial for the artist. Back the infamous performance by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. I remember this performance (didn’t like it), but it stole my attention and this has brought up an interesting point. I cannot remember the last five Super Bowl winners. I know Patriots has won one or two, but not exactly which. I remember my country’s national soccer champions through the last 15 years without looking away. That makes me ask the question. What is the Super Bowl about? With its massive attention and world-wide appeal is it now no more than one giant commercial break?

My problem is that I can remember details from great NFL games from years back, but when someone asks me about “the great Super Bowl in 2008” I can’t remember any details of that game. What I do remember is the halftime show with Tom Petty, and sorry to Petty fans, but he does not play my kind of music. So why would I remember this instead of a great game? TV focus and commercial breaks have ruined my memory and my experience of one of the greatest sports events. Commercialization at its best.


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