Bayonetta Airfield Boss Walkthrough, Temperantia, The Cardinal Virtue Of Temperance.

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If you need help with any other boss in Bayonetta, or you just want some general advice, you can read a complete walkthrough here.

The second boss In Bayonetta, Temperantia is a real pain in the neck until you have him figured out. This walkthrough should help you beat him.

  1. You begin stuck on a platform. Temperantia has a few attacks that he will use. Firstly, he can grab the platform with one hand and start shooting at you with the other. You need to counter this by hacking at the orb on the hand holding the platform, then evading the incoming projectiles fired from the Boss’ other hand. You won’t get much damage off here before you need to start dodging, but it all adds up. A similar attack is when he does the same thing, but the hand that is shooting is angled downwards, rather than facing you. In this case, Temperantia is going to destroy the platform. If you move to the end furthest from Temperantia, Bayonetta has the option of jumping to a new platform- do this quick! You can also see the platform coming to give you a better idea of where to go. Oh, and don’t forget to keep shooting your handguns when on the other platform. Again, it’s not much, but it’s free damage.
  2. When Temperantia grabs the platform and charges his fist with electricity, evade as he strikes. This seems to be easier if you have the ait dodge skill purchased from Rodin, but is still very hard. You will then have a time limit in which to jump across a sequence of platforms to a truck that Bayonetta can then throw at Temperantia. Under the same time limit, you can then jump back towards the boss and get a decent combo off against one of his fingers.
  3. Repeat these steps until Temperantia attacks Bayonetta with a spinning fist. Evade this with the special Quick Time Event, and you will be on the boss’ hand. Run up it dodging the wind snakes and various debris (again jump dodge is useful here, jump to avoid the snakes, dodge to avoid the debris) Then hack at the weakpoint in Temperantia’s ‘Arm pit’. Note that the armpit does have defences, they look like blue spikes, so be prepared to dodge when you see them. After you destroy the orb, have Bayonetta execute the climax.
  4. Now that he only has one arm, Temperantia will change his attacks. He will still grab the platform with one hand (which you should hack at), but he will now attack with wind snakes (Which are easier to evade than his gunfire anyway)- This attack is signalled when he opens his mouth. He will also try to attack you with one of his fingers acting as the gun, but again, this is easy to dodge. The signal is when Temperantia starts moving his finger into position. He also shoots lasers from his eyes too- signalled when the boss eyes glow for a moment. Don’t worry too much about any of these attacks, you get quite a big grace period in between them to attack the hand, so just concentrate on evading them, and attack when you feel comfortable.
  5. Just keep hacking away at the hand, and dodging as needed. Eventually, he will drop down suddenly- evade like hell as Temperantia is about to destroy the platform! Just like in parts 2 & 3, you can now make Bayonetta take off Temperantia’s other arm.
  6. You now need to finish off the Boss’ body! You will see a shield covering Temperantia’s face. You need to run over him, following the beams that lead into the shield. They will lead to other weak points, just like the armpit orbs- right down to the defences. However, you do now have more room to dodge them. Take them all out (Two on his skirt, one on his back), and Temperantia will now be vulnerable.
  7. Go for the face! Use Bayonetta’s best combos to pick Temperantia apart. In this mode he  has several attacks including a rain of energy (Dodge it, don’t attack while he’s using this) signalled by his eyes flashing, a wind snake (Avoid and keep attacking) signalled when he opens his mouth), and a sweeping energy beam that he fires in a circle (Easy to dodge, but don’t attack while he uses it- keep your distance or he eats you) signalled by his eyes flashing and his mouth opening.
  8. Observe the pattern, and find an opening you are comfortable with. I normally attack when he’s using the wind snake, and dodge everything else. Once his health is gone, climax kill and watch the fireworks (as well as possibly the funniest kill in the game)

Note: Temperantia is not a hard boss by the standards of Bayonetta, the main problem is getting your reactions down to time. If you’re having trouble, then practise evading before you fight this boss.

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